September 4th

04 Sep

I didn’t get a picture of my scale this morning, so I bring you the evil chart that I am NOT following in my goals, but it haunts me at every doctors visit. My goal right now is 200lbs, I am currently 248lbs, 5’9″, medium to large frame and male.

To get it out-of-the-way, I’m at the 10lb mark! As of the weigh-in this morning, I have lost ten pounds since I started regular daily weigh-ins. This is 17lbs less than my largest that helped to make me decide to lose weight, but I didn’t have a regular time or routine for weighing myself, so I am not counting from there. I have decided to back off a little now that I have reached this goal. Not to straight out stop and not continue, but to post a weekly update and do weekly weigh-ins, just so that I don’t find myself obsessing and pushing myself harder than I am able to take before burning myself out from doing any of it at all. I guess you can say that I know me and am setting up blocks and routine to make getting healthy, well healthy. Also, I would like to get back to other subjects on my site that are being ignored with these daily posts. So the plan is to keep up with these daily posts, but switching them to more weekly posts, and likely interjected ones throughout the week when I just have something to say. Then I will be doing a full weigh-in, with body measurements, once a week. I’m thinking Saturday would be a good time for those.

I do have things to talk about other than the fact that I am going to be posting less about the things I have to talk about though. This weekend was the first of my vegetarian weekends. Not that I have ever gone a weekend or even a week before without eating meat, but the point of the vegetarian weekends is to not just go without meat, but to eat good full meals full of vegetables and fruits, which I admittedly do not get enough of in my daily diet and have been known to turn away from in the past. Mostly, if I wasn’t eating meat, it was a lot of pasta, cheese, sauce, ect. I am hoping that by doing this, I will find foods that are both healthier than my usual diet of pizza and hamburgers, and that I can add to or replace foods in my regular diet. I do not want to go full vegetarian, not that there is anything wrong with people who do, I just want to add fruits and vegetables to my regular diet where they currently are not at. I can say that it went really well. I find that I like bananas a lot more than I realized. I also found that by taking the veggies I knew I liked, adding cheese and mayo, I can make a meat free sandwich that I really like. Not being a break through revelation, it’s just something that I wouldn’t have thought to do in the past.

One of the ideas I’ve come up with on that, is to look up the menu items for veggie only meals at restaurants I know I like, then reproduce them at home, to the best of my abilities, taking out what I know I don’t like. One of the sandwiches I made this weekend was almost exactly like the vegetarian sub on Jimmy John’s menu, for example. I just took out the cucumbers, and used avocado slices instead of paste. That I really liked. I think there is a lot of provolone, avocado and tomato in my future, in different combinations, other foods and types of bread. I am up for taking suggestions as well, if anyone has any good, easy, cold receipts to pass along. For right now I am going to hone an easy to make sandwich that I can enjoy from the food I have right now, being tomatoes, avocados, shredded iceberg lettuce, provolone, mild cheddar, mayo, miracle whip, and several types of bread. I also have a lot of bananas and apples, but have been eating those more regularly as snacks.

Now why I am excitedly trying to change and modify the way I eat, I am still exercising. I have given up on crunches, push ups and weights for now. It isn’t that I don’t think I need to do those, it is more that the pain in my back has progressively gotten worse and those exercises were making things worse. Walking doesn’t help the pain directly, but it is a soreness that does go away as long as I bare through the walk itself. The biggest issue with walking these days have been these awful blisters. I have tried different socks, different shoes, tighter laces, looser laces, and different insoles, and I still have these horrible blisters. The ones I have now, that I got last week are just now starting to go away, but they were the worst I’ve had so far. The still hurt, but I see them gone if a few days. It’s just so hard to walk when the bottom of your feet hurt so much.

I do still have pain in my muscles, but its more of a soreness here and there, nothing huge. A friend has started walking every so often with me, and she is having real pain in the same areas around the ankle and legs that I had. I know how that felt, but I also know that the only way it went away for me was to take every other day off and then get back out until it stopped. Although I am not walking any slower for her, I am already doing that for my feet right now. Despite this complaining, I will be back out there tonight, and everyday this week and next. I’ll walk through the pain knowing that it will go away over time. If I reach my goal before surgery, recovery will be easier. That is my biggest motivation right now, but there are others, such as getting back out and dating, feeling better, feeling better about how I look, and most of all, being a better example to my kids.

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