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The Loss of the Tomato

Well as it would seem to have been just a matter of time for, the reign of the tomato over my blog has gone away. It was fun to have a top result in Google image search, but it has gone away now. It was actually replaced by the same picture on a different website. For all I know, that is where I got the picture in the first place, or they got it from me. Either way, it is now someone elses turn to gain the popularity the tomato brings with it.

One day I might be lucky enough to stumble on another picture, tag, or keyword that brings me the attention that I have gotten from this simple fruity veggie, but for the time being, nothing has ever brought me as much attention as this has. It was fun while it lasted.

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Why I’ve Been Missing

Some that actually read my updated posts will have noticed a large gap since my last one, and since I updated any of my goal updates. Well, I have some good reasons for that and thought I would get on today and share.

As I mentioned in a past post, I hurt my back a few years back and it has caused some long-term damage requiring me to eventually have surgery. In fact, the surgery, and the added pain from extra fat on my belly, were a big reason that I was doing some of these goals. It is a big factor when you have an injury and realize that your added weight and out of shape life style are adding to actual pain that you have to suffer through now.

A few weeks ago I had noticed that the pain in my back had suddenly, and very sharply, started to get worse. I don’t even know how to describe the pain. It just really hurts. I guess the closest thing I can think of is if someone was hammering a sharpened, and heated, wedge into my lower back and right hip. Then suddenly it started to lock up, well I say lock up, but I am not sure I really know what that feels like. When I say lock up, I do mean that there was no way to move without intense pain, and while not bending or moving did not cause the severe, intense, pain that bending or moving caused, not moving hurt pretty bad as well.

The first time this happened I had to stop working out for a few days, it was just too painful to walk for more than a few minutes at a time. Then I did work out for a couple of days a little over a week ago, then it happened again, and that was the last I worked out. It has seemed like I have been in different stages of pain, well all except not having any, since then. On top of that, I feel like I might have fallen off a little, and stopped watching my food and drink intake as much. But not all for a big loss, I did weigh myself this morning and I have gained only a couple of pounds, and I have actually lost inches.

I did find out when my surgery is, and as of right now it is scheduled for the 19th of this month. At first I was really excited, then I was really relieved, then I realized that it was surgery and was really scared. The worst part to me is that I am single, I don’t get many visitors as it is and don’t have any friends that really hang out, so I think I am mostly scared about being alone and having to take care of myself during recovery. I know I will be spending some time at my parents house after the surgery, but when I get home, I will be on my own, except when my boys are home, then I will be on my own taking care of kids. It’s just a lot to deal with in my mind right now. I just wish I had a different relationship with some people who I should be closer to that would make it so I wouldn’t have to even worry about things like this, but I don’t and I do.

Well, that is my update, I will try to keep posting, even if I am not making progress, but that is all I have for now.

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