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Starting 2013

I will start with a quick update on what happened with my back. Well, I hurt it. In earlier posts I have explained how, but to summarize, I was in the back of a truck and ended up out of the truck with broken parts. Then six years later I decided to get it fixed, not because I just really wanted it to, but because a disk started collapsing, giving me no other options. When I went in for surgery it was supposed to be a 4.5 hour surgery, followed by 2-3 days in the hospital. The reality was that they ran into complications and it ended up being a 9.5 hour surgery, and I was released from the hospital 6 days later. I don’t really feel different now that my lower lumbar is fused, but IT REALLY HURTS. I’m just saying, if you ever need it done, do it, it doesn’t help, but don’t think you will feel 200% better the next day. You have to go through the not being awake part, then the constant pain, cursing yourself for letting this happen to yourself, before you get to the point where you realize that it might be the best choice you could have made. At the point I am at now, I realize that this was the best option. I had a shattering L5 and collapsing disk under it with a bulging disk above it. My only two choices were to have the surgery to fix it, or to live with the pain of it slipping like I had for almost 6 years and hope when it collapsed it was still repairable and didn’t do major damage, OR, I could have it fixed and get the recovery time out of the way and get this all behind me sooner than later.

Now, it’s been three months since I had surgery. I can once again get in and out of my own bed, which might sound odd, but just try to get up from a laying position mostly using your elbow and legs without bending, and see how limited your space ends up being. I am back at work on a limited basis. I am working 6 hours a day instead of 8 that will end this week, which on one hand I am not looking forward to a full time pay status on the other, I miss getting a full time pay check.

Now, we might be halfway through the first month of the year at this point, but I haven’t really done much to get really started in the 2013 spirit. Beginning of the New Year is always a good time to review where you are and set goals for the year.

Well we can establish where I am pretty easily. The number is 250, for those not following along, that is my weight. My goal by surgery was 240; I got to 245, so I don’t think I did too bad. Ten pounds that I have been able to keep off with very little effort is a great start. I don’t look at not hitting fifteen pounds as a failure, but a goal I was able to reach, and did, but just couldn’t keep for now. My goal for my weight stays 200lbs, but I don’t know what kind of date to put on that goal. I am walking as ordered by my doctor, and that is only a fraction of what I was walking before surgery. He has released me for up to a mile now, but I still hurt pretty bad before getting that far.

It just hasn’t been as easy for me to make the foods I was eating before surgery. As a result I seem to have reverted back to my bad habits of quick microwavable and fried foods. Foods that taste great but seem to have no nutritional value while having large amounts of fat and calories. I will have to start working back to what I was working towards before surgery. Seems like I wasted so much time doing it before to just have to do it again, but I will get over it. I plan to go after work today and start getting my soup and salad type supplies together. I am thinking of adding something like an energy bar to my routine. I find myself both tired and hungry in the mornings, but unwilling to cook or able to buy food at such an early time. Maybe an energy bar in the mornings will help. Since I stopped drinking tea and refuse to drink coffee, I might need a source of energy in the mornings from somewhere.

I guess I could state a goal or two for the new year, in more of a list.

  1. Lose weight, as much as I can to reach my 200lb goal without pushing things too far too fast.
  2. Get myself on a regular diet that I can follow and enjoy.
  3. Drink less Dr Pepper, or soda as a whole. Don’t want to cheat and switch to Coke and say I succeeded becasue I quit drinking Dr Pepper.
  4. I would like to try to get to a point of walking 30KM a week. I am not sure if I know when I will be able to get there at the moment. This was the goal I was trying for before surgery, and I am not going to let the surgery stop myself from reaching it, it is just on delay right now.
  5. I had also set the goal of better communication between my ex and me earlier this month. I don’t have full control of that one though
  6. I guess I should throw in keeping things a little cleaner at home.
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I’m Back!

It has been awhile, and with the format I was using I can just say that I don’t know how many days it has been since I left off of any other post. What I do know is that it has been almost three months now and I have done a whole lot of nothing. I have surgery, so I haven’t been allowed to do much, but I do feel like I have accomplished nothing. I am working on a more detailed post for what has happened and my progress’. I was just excited to be able to get something up so I thought I would.

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