A short lapse but I am trying to get back

14 Mar

I haven’t been writting because I haven’t felt like I had a lot to report. Mostly there was a couple month where I walked a distance better measured in feet than miles, and I didn’t really count it as part of me exercising. This was to regain streangth in my back and get to a point that I could walk again. These walks started at being accross my living room, then progressed to going to the mailbox, then around the block, to half a mile and finially a mile. It isn’t the four miles a day I was walking back in October, but it is as much as I can do at this point.

So, some updates are in order. After three months, just over a month ago, I was released from the surgeons care when it was decided that I was healing correctly and all the xrays looked good. I started pain management this month with my regular doctor, and I am feeling great. Some changes in my diet and vitamins was the first thing my doctor tried in pain management, and they are working pretty well. I still have some slight pain, and I have some pain killers if that slight pain gets any worse. I feel good and I am healing well, what more can I ask for.

The problem now is that I still have a goal to get to 200lbs and I just made that harder on myself by letting people install all sorts of hardware in my back, but I am not letting that get in the way. I see this as a four month set back and nothing more. I talked to my doctor about options for exercise and we came up with a few options that I can do, as long as I follow some limitations.

Walking is still my best option. The only problem is I can only go so far before I have to quit. Walking puts impact and stress on the back and I can only put so much on mine now before I start hurting real bad. Right now I am up to a mile. I am walking that mile and not letting this limitation get me down, I do it knowing that I will be able to do more over time.

Certian repeditave motion and weight training is another option. I don’t go to a gym but I will be looking into that soon. I just never feel I have the chance to go because of my kids, but I need to figure it out this one and make it happen.

The last one is what I started yesterday, cycling. The restrictions I was given on cycling is similar to walking. I have to be able to sit straight up, which meant finding a bike that had a lower seat and raised handlebars. I have to stop when and if it starts hurting my back, and I have to feel comfortable doing it. I am happy to say that I started riding a bike yesterday. I bought a Schwinn Avenue, which was a bike in my price range that I liked, and had a lowered seat and raised handlebars which allow me to seat straight up comfortably while riding. Now I already feel odd riding around seeing all these other cyclist on their high dollar bikes leaned over and looking like they know what they are doing, while I’m sitting straight up looking like I haven’t ridden a bike in over ten years. There is a good reason for that, I haven’t ridden a bike in over ten years.

My first day, yesterday, I went shy of 1.5 miles. When I got home my legs and theighs hurt and put in perspective how out of shape I am and how I really need to be doing this. I am more confedent than ever to do it now. I have to be able to ride a bike without pain, at least in such a sort distance. I work 2 miles from home and now plan to start riding my bike to work, on days that I don’t have my boys. Everyday after work I am going to start riding. The goal right now is 3 miles a day, with an additional 4 on days I don’t have kids. Then I will continue to also walk my 1 mile, hopefully to also increase that, on weekends. If this goal becomes easy enough I may walk more along with riding.

I know I have been gone for awhile, so if anyone is still reading this when I post, leave a comment, let me know what you think of this plan, tell me where you are in your goals.

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