15 Mar

I went out for my second day riding my bike. It really is a workout, but I am glad to say that I did over 2 miles yesterday. I hear how people go for relaxing 5-10 mile rides, well I don’t know how they do that yet. I am dead after 2 miles. Although, 2 miles is twice as far as I made it the first day, so I am getting more confidant about it. Tonight I am going to try to get all the way to work, which is right about 2 miles, which means after a short break I will have to make the 2 miles back home. This will tell me for sure if I can make it to work in the mornings to start riding a bike to work regularly.

I think I understand the issue I am having. I haven’t ridden a bike since the 90’s, and I spent a lot of my time since then not doing a lot of exercise, that’s how I got to 280 to begin with. Now I’m out there doing it and dragging 250lbs along for the ride, and I am forcing muscles to work that haven’t worked in a long time. It shouldn’t take too long for those muscles to start getting into shape and working for me. Also, as I lose weight, I won’t be dragging so much with me. I am going to just have to do what I did with walking back in August, just push and push. Not quitting when my legs hurt and make myself do an extra mile when that happens. Maybe take breaks and just do more.

I don’t just want to be in shape and lose weight, I need to. I need to lose weight to make this back quit hurting so my, I need to do it so that I am showing a good example to my boys so they don’t do this when they get to be teens and instead choose a healthier lifestyle, I need to live long enough to find a someone to share my life and to one day be able to see my grandkids. I need to not be overweight and out of shape, unable to do basic tasks or lift more than a chair, just so I can life normally.

Quick breakdown of my weight loss. I started at 280, I got down to 260 before I started tracking and writing blogs about all this, I got down to 240 before surgery, I gained ten pounds during recovery putting me at 250 at the beginning of this week. I bought a new scale and will start weighing in again on Monday. Now I will do it with estimated body fat, since the new scale gives that, and I will not only be tracking weight but body fat. I don’t want to just be 200lbs, I can be that and still 30% or more body fat and really unhealthy, I want to be 200lbs or less with 15% or less body fat.

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