Salads, Salads and Veggie Subs

18 Mar

This morning I started my first weigh in starting back. I do not feel good about it at all though. I weighed in at 249.6. The body fat thing didn’t work and I was running late for work so I didn’t spend time trying to figure it out.

Anyway, My weekend workout was a bust. I got off work Friday and got in a bike ride of 2.33 miles, still haven’t converted that tracking app to k yet. I got up Saturday ready to go. Got out there, with my new helmet that I finally bought, and went all of .5 miles and felt a pain in my back. Not an unusual pain, unfortunately it was a familiar, you have to be lazy for a couple of days or you won’t be able to move, pain. So, I tracked 1.11 miles on the bike in total, no walking, hadn’t gotten to that yet. Also had to put off doing laundry, and finishing moving the boxes around in my living room.

I really hate it when this happens, feels like every little step I take to progressing forward, I am slammed back two steps. If it isn’t my back, it’s some stupid hang up that I get for being out of shape to begin with. I’m stiff today, but I will get out and do a 1k walk, and if I am not hurting, I’ll give the bike a try at 1-2k. Then I’ll just try to slowly build them both back up without hurting myself. I am going to make this weeks goal a 2k walk and a 3k cycle. That’s less than what I was doing last week, but I am not going to push things. Now that I have hurt my back I need to not damage it. See how that works out for me.

Well, what I was able to get started this weekend was eating salad. I am trying to eat healthier and get back to my diet, eating healthy food out will break me, so I need to start figuring it out without hitting restaurants. I am starting at a good well-known and easy to get staple to that, salads. I started out going to different stores and getting a variety of single meal portion pre-made salads. I know, and have already been told by a few friends, this can get expensive too. Well, that is simple to answer to. I am not used to eating healthy, I actually had the thought when I was thinking about eating healthier again, on whether or not they make a healthier microwave pizza, after all they make a “lean” hot pocket. The point is that I need to go back to what I was trying to do before surgery, but I am attacking at a different front. Instead of trying to change the foods I am eating and modify what is in them, I am just changing the food completely. I have been doing this with veggie subs for the last couple weeks. I like subs, but I normally don’t like subs that have any veggies, so I started eating ones that only had veggies, randomly through the week. Well that worked, but I can’t afford to keep it up, so I need to find something that I can completely change to.

For me that is going to be salad, at least right now. I am also looking into soups, I don’t eat a lot of soup. See these are things I don’t eat at all, so that is all I’m going to eat. Getting a healthier pizza, or healthier lasagna, or healthier sandwich, makes it all too easy to take that one step back to just eat pizza, lasagna and meatball subs. See, I want to get in the habit of eating foods that are healthier that I can’t make that easy step back, without it being obvious to me about what I’m doing. It also has to be stuff my kids will eat. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I am going to be talking a lot about what I can find with salad. Starting out tomorrow with, can I force myself to eat a carrot. Carrots are something that are in every other salad I could find, but are also something that make me gag thinking about how they taste, I figure there are two ways this is going to go. I’m going to spend a lot of extra money I don’t have avoiding them, or I am going to just have to get use to them. So, tomorrow I am bringing my first snack to work, Carrots. I will be hungry and they will be all I have to snack on. We will learn how this goes.


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