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19 Mar

Well, as I start every post, I have an update on my weight. The scale this morning put me at 150.4. Not exactly an encouraging start to this week, but I am going to not let it get me down today, there has been enough doing that with the pain in my back and lack of exercise to let a pound increase it. Also, I wasn’t able to exercise again yesterday, I was still feeling a little to sore to risk it, but I am feeling much better today, so I plan to get at it after work. It is going to rain this week too, which will put me out for at least one day of exercise later on, but I am going to try to keep going as much as I can. It is one of the down sides to doing all my exercising outdoors.

With all that said, today I wanted to talk about food. I have had a few things mentioned to me that made me want to clarify a few things, and I wanted to get into what I am doing in more detail. Maybe some of this can help someone reading this, and knowing more about what I am doing will surely help anyone that is willing to give me some advice.

Dr. PepperI wanted to say something about drinks. Now I like me some soda. I know that soda is bad for you, and a lot of times has more calories and sugar in it than the meal you are eating, but I love the stuff. Particularly, I love Dr. Pepper. I don’t have a reason, other than personal taste. The problem is that I will drink my soda in complete excess. I don’t apologize or care. I like the stuff and I am going to drink all I want of it. This isn’t good for what I am trying to do with getting in shape and loosing weight. I need to cut back a lot. So, what to do about it. This is what I am currently trying and seems to be working for the moment. First off, I have this back issue going on. Even though I am healing really well, I still have an issue with bending over. So, I put all my soda on the bottom shelf in the fridge. That is all that’s on that shelf, all sorts of Dr. Pepper just waiting to be drank. By putting it down there I have made it more difficult to get. That’s all I did at first and the results were already amazing. I started drinking slower and less often, just because I know it was going to be harder to get the next one. I went from so many a day that I don’t think I even kept count, to about 6-10, just by putting them in a harder to get to location. The next step was to make myself stop buying them at the gas station for work. I like having a bottle at work, so instead of getting those 20oz bottles at the gas station, I started buying 16oz bottles at the store. This way I just don’t have them on me and have to wait until I get home to get another, which I can only do at lunch and after work.

Then I did a little more of a trick on my mind with money. I stopped buying cans completely. Now I only drink those 16oz bottles, even at home. These cost a bit more, and I don’t make a whole lot of money, so I have to even out the cost by watching my drinking a little more. Then I thought about it and I don’t need to keep a whole shelf of Dr. Pepper in the fridge. See, the one thing I hate as much as I love a cold Dr. Pepper, is a warm Dr. Pepper. So, I just don’t keep more than a few in the fridge at a time. Now not only do I have to bend over to get to the soda on the bottom shelf, each one is costing me more money, and there is only a few in there at a time that are cold. This may not sound like a big deal, but it really reduced my drinking of Dr. Pepper to a final amount of 4-5 a day from close to 10 a day.

It wasn’t enough that I was drinking less of what was bad for me though, I needed to be drinking more of what was good for me. So I started buying bottled water. I bought bottles that I could refill, because you know, I like saving money where I can, and I kind of like the planet, and I buy juice. I don’t just put a few in though. I put all sorts of water and juice in on the top shelf, filling it half up, so that there is never a time that I can’t get a cold water, or the occasional glass of juice, with little effort needed and very little cost. A few important rules I have made for myself. 1) I can’t grab for a soda when I am thirsty; if I am just thirsty or washing my mouth out, I have to get water, soda is only for pleasure, getting a bad taste out of my mouth or after dinner, and so on. 2) If I get a bottle of soda, I have to get a bottle of water, afterwards I can not get another soda until the water is also empty.

These small rules and simple changes, have now decreased my soda drinking to 3-16oz bottles a day. Just from having to finish the water, having the water easier to reach, and cold, when I really need a drink, and just making it hard on myself. I know that I have low self-control, so use my weaknesses against myself to make it not a matter of self-control, but a matter of getting past those. I don’t like drinking water, but I have made it the easier way to do things.

I know that was a lot on the soda alone, but I thought it important to do kind of walk through on the steps I have been taking to perfect a way to train myself to not eliminate soda from my diet, since I do like it and think it is okay to have it in moderation, but need to not be drinking my entire days allowed calories just in soda.

Food is at a much more simpler place right now. I said in my last post that I don’t really know a lot about healthy eating and cooking, and I don’t. What I do know a lot about is me, and I know that I am not the best at self-control, moderation, or staying on a task in a long-term. So, I needed to figure out a way to force me to do it. This is where I started doing what I am doing now that I have had the most questions about from friends and family. I’m calling it full submerging eating.

Jimmy John'sSee, if I say, start by buying the healthy choice version of the pizza I like, I will do that for a while, then I will think “hey why don’t I just get a regular one this time.” You know as a reward for how great I’m doing, or I might get a none healthy choice by mistake or so on. It will only be a couple of shopping trips before I am only buying the ones that I was eating. This isn’t how everyone is, but it is how I am. If I go to Jimmy Johns everyday and get just the veggie, there will be a day I say, I can handle just some bacon on that veggie, and a month down the line I’m getting all meat subs with some lettuce on it everyday. It’s just how I am. So, I decided the best way for me to do this is to not only change how I eat, but completely change what I’m eating. Fully submerge myself in a way that gives me no options to back out or make those downward slide choices. For now, I am eating soup and salad, things I never ate before. I can’t slide back to my regular on something that I never eat, so eat that and make the healthier ones the regular. Maybe one day I will be able to allow myself to add some of the stuff I really like as occasional treats and meals, but I just can’t do that right now. I don’t like a lot of veggies or soups, so right now I need to be eating veggies and soups. It might not sound great, and it isn’t right for everyone, but I have to give it a try.

Salad BowlThe only real downside is that there isn’t a lot to talk about the food itself. Instead of my regular dollar menu hamburger for lunch, I have a cob salad with ranch dressing. Instead of my oat bars and candy for a snack at work, I have carrots and tomatoes today. I hope I can stick to it, and I think if I start seeing results I really will be able to. Right now I’m just hungry and thinking about calzones I can’t eat, but I know that I’m hungry because I am eating a correct amount of healthy food, instead of an excess of junk food. I haven’t adjusted, but I know I will.


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