Making My Own Salad

21 Mar

Well my check in today is both exciting and lame. The exciting part is that I weighed in today at 148.0. That is awesome! I really love days when I weigh in a couple of pound lighter than the last check in. Being my lightest since surgery feels great and gives me that boost of hope I was looking for. I know this is all a yoyo process and I am likely to lose a little then gain some back and so on, but when I see that the yoyo has dropped a little farther than it has before, always makes me happy.

For exercising, I didn’t. I spent a good amount of time yesterday shopping and then gathering and moving laundry, I just was starting to feel like my back was beat before I got a chance to even put my track pants on. Although I am sure I walked at least a mile in that damn store, I know it doesn’t count, but it felt like it did.

Iceberg LettuceNow for today’s topic, making salad. As I have said, I have been buying pre-made salad. I found a lot of things I liked and a lot I didn’t. I havent just been eating them. I have been writing down the ones I like and writing down what is in those and in what portions. I went to the store yesterday and bought the supplies I needed to make three days worth, I got a little carried away and made more than I can eat in the time before they will start going bad, but that is ok, I will give a few to my parents who love salad, and make my kids eat a couple.

The ingredients I decided on, for these salads, were the following

  1. iceberg lettuce
  2. turkey
  3. ham
  4. eggs
  5. cheddar cheese
  6. bacon
  7. cherry tomatoes
  8. single serve ranch cups

peppered baconNow before anyone jumps at me about the bacon, I like bacon, I had some in the fridge, so I cooked it and crumbled it on my salads. comes out to about a slice per salad, so it isn’t that bad, and as the only person in the house that eats that bacon, It was going to go bad anyway.

Anyway, I bought some 5 cup Rubbermaid bowls with lids. I really wanted to get the 4 cup glass ones, but I can not afford those things.

The salad was pretty basic. I cooked all the bacon and boiled all the eggs. I crumbled all the bacon and all the eggs, without shells of course. I cut the lettuce up and put about three cups in the bowls, cut up the turkey and ham and put them on top of the lettuce, about three parts turkey to one part ham. Put a good amount of shredded cheese on top of that, then sprinkled on the eggs and bacon, and topped it off with 6 cherry tomatoes. I put a plastic fork and a serving cup of ranch in top of each and put the lid on. My own pre-made salads. 4 cup salads ready to go in a 5 cup bowl. I like having that room to mix it all up before I eat it.

I ate one for dinner last night and it was fantastic, as salads go. What I have to do now is to start introducing other veggies to it. I’m still not a great fan of the veggie, but I can see me adding sliced celery and brocoli to my salads. maybe a little shredded carrot. Now, I hate carrots, but I know I will need to get over that.

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