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25 Mar

Today I weighed in at 248.6, yes more of that yoyo, but making it worse, yesterday I weighed in at 246.6. It’s fine, now I am just happy with staying under 250. I did not get to do any real exercising all last week because of pain and then soreness, but I did stay active, and last weekend I was more active than normal, I took the boys to the mall, then to several large stores.

Chocolate RoseOver this last weekend, one thing I did do was to cheat on my diet. Now I’m torn on this one really. Is it that I cheated, or that I am just making this all way to strict on myself. I had pizza with the family Friday night, then Saturday while in the city, one of my boys picked lunch, and we ate McDonald’s. The question at the time was how to deal with this, without cheating on my diet. The simple answer is the one I took, that I am not on a set diet, but a plan to change how I eat, and a slice of pizza or some nuggets weren’t going to kill me. I think the import thing I came up with, was that I needed to remember self-control and not eat half a pizza on my own, but just eat as much as I need to be full. I did the same at McDonald’s, I ordered something a little healthier and only enough to fill myself up. I think the trick here is to eat what I need not what I want, because there is a certain point where I start over eating because I start eating for taste and so that I not just fill full to get through to the next meal, but full like there won’t be a next meal. Although I do still plan to avoid these foods as much as I can, I know that I can’t avoid them completely. While I am trying to change the way I eat, I do have need to think about the fact that there will be times that I will be faced with eating outside that and how to control myself in those situations. Things like, family dinners, work functions, and when someone invites you out to eat. I don’t want food to control how I lead my life, but I need to figure out how I am eating in those situations to not reverse what I am working on.

Iceberg LettuceNow for home. I am still eating my salads, and I am actually liking them more. I also made a little progress with my parents. They invite me to dinner a lot and I have been having to turn them down, because I didn’t feel they understood how I am trying to eat. My solution this last week was simple. I called and said I was coming for dinner, but I was bringing the dinner myself. I grabbed three of my measured dinner salads and three bottles of water, and headed to their house. I explained that this was now a typical dinner at my house and wanted them to experience it with me. My parents are very open and supportive, so they were happy to eat my salads, and really enjoyed them, well at least after my dad picked out all the turkey which he doesn’t like for some reason. This not only made me feel a lot better to knowing my family has a better idea of how I am trying to eat, and there for will be more willing to fix me plates when inviting me out to eat that are closer to this kind of foods, but their open support and even excitement about it helped me a lot. Now if I can just get my kids to eat this way.

Along those lines, lets talk about my first trip to the grocery store, to buy all the groceries for the house, since I started this. I took the boys to buy groceries, and I have started trying to make them more aware of what they are eating and how much things cost by making them make the grocery list and helping with the shopping and paying. While shopping, I allowed them to get a few things that would be considered junk food, like I said before, I am not trying to change their world to healthy only over night. What I am more trying to do is teach them that healthy food can be good and those junk snacks can be better when only occasional treats. I let them get a bunch of stuff that I would normally fry or add oil too, but both them and me are going to be finding out how we like those foods baked, because the deep fryer is going is storage. They also got red meat, which I am not eating, but don’t mind making for them.

What I did get for me at the store was a lot of things to start expanding me from salad. While I am starting to get use to eating them, I will get really sick of them if they remain the only thing I eat, I did need some other options. Like I have said in the past, I got a bunch of soup. I think I got enough to feed all the homeless in my area for at least a month, but I do tend to over shop sometimes and canned soup isn’t expensive. Being that I don’t eat a lot of soup, I got a few of a bunch of different kinds, so that I could find ones that I like, and ones the boys like, so that I know which ones I want to go back for later. Unlike salad where I already had a basic idea of what I liked and just had to try out a few different pre made salads for a few days to figure out what I would be making on my own, soup is a completely different story. I know very little about soup. Therefore, I got a bunch of a bunch of kinds and can explore what everyone likes and dis likes.

YogurtThe biggest thing I had to get was snacks. I guess I didn’t realize how much I snacked between meals, until I stopped snacking between meals. While I am still not trying to snack much, I need something to have on hand when I feel like snacking. Again, I needed to find something that I am not used to eating that is healthy or healthier for me. I started out with yogurt. I don’t know much about yogurt, except that I haven’t liked it in the past, but I have decided that I have to not care and get some anyway. I call this my first line of snack offence. The second and finial line, just incase yogurt doesn’t fill me up, is the varies fresh and canned fruits I bought.

Now there is more than just snacking reasons for all the fruit I bought. I have been told that I should try adding some of my favorite fruits chopped up to my salad. I am told this taste great. The problem I have with this idea is that I add ranch to my salad, and I am not sure I will like the taste of a banana with ranch on it. But I am going to try it. I am going to try several things. I am going to start out with bananas, then chopped oranges, fruit cocktail, pineapple, apple, pears, and so one. I like a lot of fruit, so I am sure I can find one or two that I like in or with my salad eating experience. Who knows, maybe that is what I need to really start enjoying this change in my diet.

I do plan to start drinking more fruit juice and I even started buying juices that I know I have tried in the past and didn’t like and have since never tried since. Who knows, I might get use to them, or I might even like them now. These include orange juice, yes I know but I never have liked it, cranberry juice and red grape juice. I did get some that I do like so that I don’t just turn myself off juice in the process, like apple and white grape.

On the front of making changes to help push the boys to a healthier eating habits. I let them make the list and I bought what was on the list, but I made sure to pick up the “lite” versions when I could. I did make them pick out some healthier things that they didn’t have on the list, and I made them make a few substitutes, like getting yogurt, even if it is the sugar added kids yogurt. They were only allowed to pick out two 2 liter sodas for the month, then as much juice as the wanted. We bought a bunch of tea bags and a new drink dispenser, since I know they both like tea. Also, while the oldest already will drink water real well, I got some Kool-Aid singles to try to get the youngest to start drinking more too. Always open to more suggestions of course, although I am trying to ease them into it, almost as if it was their idea.No Pizza

Overall, I think the food part of my life is straightening out a lot better. With pizza banned from our grocery list, and me only buying stuff for me that is in a completely different turn from what I was eating, it is just hard for me to eat what I need to meet my daily requirements to maintain my current weight, which I think is great. If I do nothing else with exercise or staying more active, I should still see a slow drop in weight simply because I can physically eat enough to maintain this weight. That won’t be how I lose all my weight, just a point about what I have to eat at home. I don’t think that would be healthy, to eat less and not exercise to tone up the areas loosing.

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