27 Mar

Little disappointed today. I weighed in at 253 this morning. I am not to discouraged, as I have said before there is a yoyo effect to this that I can not explain. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but know enough to keep up what I’m doing and not let the scale change my plans or get me down.

I am much happier with my diet now. I can’t say my kids are as much. My oldest is okay with a large variety of foods, so when I said we were having a large salad and a fruit side for dinner last night, he was fine with it. The youngest on the other hand, threw his head back and acted like the end of the world was coming just for him. Told me he would only eat a salad if it was only lettuce and ranch, and only if he could eat something good with it or afterwards. When I explained that the salad was dinner, and there wasn’t anything to eat afterwards, he got a little out of control. Told me “well I’m just going to go to bed without eating then,” I told him that was fine but that’s what we are having for dinner. What I got from him was, “you are going to let me not eat dinner?” To that I said “sure, your old enough to know when you need to eat, but this is what we have to eat. If you eat in now or later when you get hungry, this is what we have.”

I guess he knows how stubborn his dad is, because with a quick compromise for me to take the tomatoes out of his, he was suddenly willing to eat. He didn’t finish it, and I did see him sneak a cookie that I didn’t say anything about, but I think it is at least a start. If he thinks the salad was bad to get use to, he will be surprised when I start making things that include cooking that has no meat involved. Really that is all he cares about. He’s like me, and he has eaten like me for a long time. He cares about what kind of meat and how much cheese is on it, if not that then how much sugar or chocolate. I don’t fault him, if I was typing this two years ago, that would be exactly the view-point coming from me.

But getting back to my point before the side note about the youngest, I have gained a few pound, but I am not worried about it. All I have eaten since the weigh in of 246 has been salads, yogurt, fruit, juice, and water. Oh, my daily allowed Dr. Peppers, and the occasional pretzel rod when I feel a little hungry at work. I have to guess this increase in weight has more to it than I am aware of. Increase of water intake, something about taking on weight from the foods I’m eating and my body hasn’t adjusted to me eating this way, hell I don’t know the correct answer, or even what the correct question is. I am just not going to deter myself unless the weight continues a steady increase instead of a decrease. After all, if I do nothing else but eat salad and yogurt, with a fruit at each meal, instead of the pizza, hamburgers and fast food I was eating, I should lose something, right? At the very least start to feel better. Right now I feel horrible and have just started getting use to the food, I’m still hoping for the feeling to get better.

Really the best way for me to describe how I am feeling, now that I am in week two of this change in diet, is like I did last year when I quit smoking. Yesterday I got hungry after dinner, so I ate a yogurt and got a glass of apple juice, and the feeling didn’t go away or even get better. It isn’t that I am hungry, it’s that the yogurt wasn’t red meat covered in five kinds of cheese, washed down with a Dr. Pepper. I am at a point now that I am not sure if it’s my body or mind wanting something. I can tell you what my mind wants right now is some BBQ fried chicken covered in honey, a double bacon cheese burger and fries from the local diner, and some peppermint ice cream. In 50 minutes, I will clock out from my job, pick up my kids, and we will be eating…vegitable soup, side of oranges, with cranberry juice, followed by a mile walk and watching them eating the cookie they get as a reward for putting up with their dad forcing them to eat this way.

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