Getting Close

29 Mar

I weighed in at 246.8 this morning. This really is nerve racking to me. I got to 245 last fall, before the surgery. That is the smallest I have been since sometime ten years earlier when I passed it going to other direction. Everything until 245 is making up what I put back on, then everything starts showing to me that I am making worthwhile changes. Really looking forward to being about to say that I not only made the 15 lb mark from when we started, but that I kept moving beyond it.

I wanted to point out my weight back and forth, because it was pointed out to me at some point that I talk about two different starting points. I want to quickly clarify, although I don’t know how long ago I talked about the other. When I first recognized I had an issue with my weight was in 2004. I weighed in at just over 280 lb, but it was my waist line that made me think about it. I got up and couldn’t put my pants on and realized I had to get new cloths in size 40-42 waist and XXL shirt. Since then I have gone up and down with this issue and I know that I weighed close to 280 at the beginning of last year when I started working out and eating less, but I didn’t ever weigh-in at that. The first time I bought a scale and weighed myself was almost six months later in August, when I decided to get serious about it and start blogging about it and tracking myself and all. So, while I don’t really know the actual starting weight at the beginning of last year, I assume my biggest weight, of 280, as where I started in the big picture, but my weight ticker and weigh in loss and so on is based on my first weigh-in in August last year, which was 260.

Moving on from that; I started working out again yesterday. I know, it has been two weeks and I should have started a week ago. I couldn’t for that first week, then I just didn’t this week. I don’t have anyone in my ear everyday telling me to do it, and it is easy to listen to that voice in my head telling me to start watching Mad Men instead of spending 10 minutes on my bike and an hour walking. That is the biggest part of all of this is telling that voice to shut up and get out there. Yesterday I did get out and ride my bike. I didn’t walk because it was already gloomy and every source was giving a chance of rain, so I didn’t want to be out there walking, but the rain never did come, and I never walked.

The bike ride alone was worth while. I planned out a path for me to ride the bike though. I went 2k yesterday. I do feel like I cheated and I think I am going to reverse the path starting today though. The path is around a small neighborhood near my apartments. Nice houses, secluded, good pavement, little traffic. I use it for my walks because of the nature of the inclines. The far ends are at drastically different inclines, but one way around is a steady incline, while the other is steep. So when walking I can go down the steep and up the steady and keep a good pace without hurting myself while still getting a good workout. The problem with doing this on my bike is that I don’t really get much out of it. After the slow incline I can cruise on level pavement to the steep incline which then gives me momentum to get up the steady incline pretty easy. Not much of a workout for me so much as wear on my tires really. Today I am going to walk, then I am going to go the opposite direction on my bike. I think an easy ride around where I still need to pedal a little to a steep incline I can’t build speed for would be good for me.

I think I have just been scared to walk. It’s that I just keep hurting myself while walking, and I hate being stuck not doing anything because I pushed myself to go that extra 1k because I was feeling good at the moment. I think the only way to solve that is to set a number and walk that, whether I am feeling it or not. tonight I am setting 2k walk and 3k cycle. I won’t go farther if I am feeling like I. I will stop only if my back is numbing or hurting. I need to also learn to allow myself a break. If I’m hurting or out of breath, I don’t need to necessarily stop the workout, maybe I just need to pause and sit on the curb a few minutes. I never allow myself to do that, then when I get home and feel better five minutes later, I tell myself that I am already home now, no reason to go back out. I am not going to feel better about working out until I start really breaking a sweat again, and giving up isn’t going to get me there. So, I am changing my numbers, a 2k walk and 5k cycle today, with plenty allowed breaks and a little more faith in me, and of course I will call it off as soon as I start feeling any numbness or pain in my back. I will also be doing the cycling around the lake. The path around it is just over 5k and then a little distance to and from my place.

I feel better now that I have written it down. Some reason saying I am going to do these things to the complete strangers not reading this stuff, makes me stick to them more.

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