Over 15

01 Apr

Not much to say today really. I weighed in at 244.4 this morning. This is the first time to get to over 15lbs lost so far. I am very happy about that and I hope that I can keep that up. Working out didn’t happen Friday as planned. Rain and gloomy weather kept me from it. It is the rainy season starting now, so I will have a lot of them, but I do really need to work when I have the chance. I will have more on that as it happens.

One thing that I did notice over the weekend that seems new. I had a yogurt for breakfast and felt it was enough food for that moment. I have been eating a yogurt every morning for a couple of weeks now and it has always just been a feeling like “that’s it.” I really just started feeling like it was enough. I think that is a good start to changing how I think about a meal.

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    April 1, 2013 at 16:13



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