Making Some Changes

02 Apr

To start with today, I haven’t weighed myself. I don’t mind weighing myself, but doing it everyday is just stressful. I am thinking once a week is so much better for me. I can live with gains and drops on a weekly basis, but I am starting to question myself on a daily basis, and that is becoming more of a stress than the diet and exercise is. I can’t do that to myself. So, I will be weighing in on Monday mornings for now. I was weighing myself everyday to get into the routine of doing it, not to become obsessed with my weight at any given moment. If you do this already, please watch yourselves. There is a difference in routine and obsession. Biggest being that one is very unhealthy and can be worse for you than the weight you are obsessing about.

The new routine is simple. I want to start weighing myself in the mornings on Monday’s. I would like to start doing weigh in’s on a weekend afternoon, but for my own selfish reasons that isn’t happening now. Going back I have always had my lightest weigh ins on Monday mornings, so I am sticking to that as my weekly weigh in time. Maybe after I feel a little better about the weight I am at, I will change to a time that is more covenant and gives me time to measure body fat and take pictures of the scale and all those things I want to do. Right now I want to keep myself going, so I am sticking to my lightest time instead.

One thing I have been doing and not talking about, I think it is time to get out in the open. For some reason I didn’t have any problem with it, until last night I was eating and thinking about something about my blog and suddenly felt like I was hiding something or cheating or some stupid BS like that. It’s called a high calorie meal. I have been eating them on occasion. It really isn’t a big deal, but I realized that it isn’t something I have talked about on here. I have had this little tradition since I started this job. Every payday, I eat out. It started with a co-worker that use to go out to eat every payday for lunch with me. For personal reasons, she stopped eating out with me, but I still do it. Every payday I get myself on meal that I don’t care about what my diet or budget, or whatever else might be. Actually, it has been in my budget for a couple of years now to allow myself to do it. Yesterday, while not a payday, I was not able to have my meal last Friday on my usual payday, I had a calzone, and it was great.

I don’t know why I really haven’t talked about it on here before, but I never thought of it as an issue. After all it is only two meals a month and I am still practicing my new plan to not eat in excess. When I am full I stop, whether its calzone, or yogurt. What is important to me is that I continue to see this as a occasional treat and not let it ever become more than that. The issue I just got rid of was that I was eating these high fat, high calorie meals, for every meal, and usually in excess. Now I am not doing that at all. If anything the new habits I have been developing have made these meals harder to eat. I fill up faster, and I don’t have the same appetite for these foods I had before. Not that they don’t taste any worse, if anything they taste better.

I have decided though to talk about them on here. They are an important part of this now. At least that is my opinion on it. The idea that I am still able to indulge in this one meal every two weeks, and not allow it to mess up everything else. I think it will prove vital to sharing these meals to keep me from allowing them to do that in the future.

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