List of Diet Advice

11 Apr

As stated in my last post, I am making a list of advice I get on what to eat, whether that advice is given to me by a person directly or is something I read in doing my own research. There might be some good advice in the list, but mainly I decided to do this because of all the counteracting advice I get and find. I will update as I get more. Remember, these are not me making thing up, these are statements that I have read in research, been emailed to me by friends and family, or has been said to be directly.

  1. drink orange juice
  2. orange juice is bad for you
  3. don’t drink soda
  4. juice is worse for you than soda
  5. drink plenty of cranberry juice
  6. apple juice is the only thing you should drink other than water
  7. apple juice has too much sugar, you should never drink it
  8. cranberry juice is one of the worse things you can drink
  9. eat iceberg lettuce
  10. eat only butter lettuce
  11. eat only romaine lettuce
  12. you should avoid eating lettuce
  13. iceberg lettuce isn’t good for you
  14. make sure to eat plenty of carrots
  15. eating too many carrots can be very harmful to your health
  16. don’t eat anything white
  17. don’t eat bread
  18. don’t eat meat
  19. only eat meat
  20. only eat bread
  21. -long explanation for why you should never eat or use butter and only should use margarine-
  22. -long explanation for why you should never eat or use margarine and should only use butter-
  23. you should eat at least one serving of yogurt a day
  24. you should eat a serving of yogurt at every meal
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