Fruit and Soda

12 Apr

Over the last week I have started to feel like something was missing. Seemed like I wasn’t getting what I needed in snacks and while I have started to feel full from meals, I have felt like I am not getting enough. I don’t know how to really explain the feeling. It’s just like my body is telling me that it can handle less food and less meat, but needs more than what I am giving it. Not more as in quantity, but in variety. So, I decided it was about time that I started adding some fresh fruit and a larger variety of veggies to my diet.

I do know a little more about fruits and what I like, more so than I do veggies. It shouldn’t really be too hard for me to integrate them into my day. I guess the hardest part here is the same thing as what has made all of this hard, that’s habit. Peanut butter and jelly just seems so much easier to me than chopping up a couple of fruits to make a snack. Well I started by buying some banana’s and apples to get me started. My first realization was that the kids really like these more than I had given them credit for and already need to go buy more apples. I don’t have a problem with that, I’d rather run out of apples to them than running out of corn dogs and popsicle.

Yesterday was really the beginning of this. I just added an apple or banana to what I was already eating. For example, this morning I ate my yogurt, peach flavored, and then ate a small apple. It really is an amazing difference that it makes. I feel a lot better with what I ate this morning already. Just the small addition of a fruit made a lot of that needing feeling go away. I have also decided that it might be time to spread out what veggies I am eating. While I have decided that iceberg is the lettuce of choice for me, there is a lot I can add to it.

My current salad, which I eat for lunch, is simple enough. It contains iceberg lettuce, turkey, ham, boiled egg, bacon bits, cheese and ranch. I know that it doesn’t really sound that healthy as I type it out, but really there is just enough bacon and cheese to add flavor. It’s mostly iceberg when it comes down to it, and only one serving of ranch, which isn’t really a whole lot. I have been thinking of ways to add to it. I like it as is, but I really feel that it needs more variety of veggies, iceberg can’t stand alone in there, after all its mostly water. So I bought some more veggies to try to start adding in. I got carrots, which I hate and am going to add anyway, celery, broccoli and spinach leaf. Those seem like standard items to add. I just can’t eat uncooked cabbage and onions aren’t an option, ten times worse than carrots.

I am going to try to stick to the base salad I have been making, and just make each one a little different with these different veggies to add a little more of what I think I need, and not get sick of the same thing over and over everyday. What I am very interested in, is this idea of adding fruit to the salad. I already had one with banana slices added to it. I am going to have to experiment with that more. Obviously there will be some fruit that just doesn’t go with ranch or one of the veggies, but I am going to buy a couple of different fruits and try cutting them up into salads. I might come up with something horrible, or great. I really want to try adding avocado slices. I know that some banana, not too much, is pretty good. I’m thinking grapes and gala apples would be good too. I am always open to suggestions of course. If there is anything that anyone adds to their salads that I might not of thought of, let me know. Last suggestion I got was trying different kind of egg. Like trying scrabbled or something like that. I don’t know about that, but I guess. I also thought about adding more egg and putting in some sausage bits, give it a breakfast salad taste. That might be getting into the more odd ideas, but I am not against trying anything here.

Soda! I almost wrapped up this post without going into one of the title points. I have an update on soda, well Dr Pepper if we are going to be honest, and my intake of it. I’ve stopped drinking it at home completely. This is where you cheer and pat me on the back. I am still drinking it at work. How many is still a little back and forth. Today is looking like a one bottle day at this point. Which is really great, but for some reason I still feel bad about the fact that I had one today at all, and I really shouldn’t since I have gone from drinking a 12 pack of 12 ounce cans every two days, to drinking one 20 ounce bottle a day, sometimes two. Now my success I am told is great by most people, but by some I am not doing any better than I thought. This is because I am drinking more juice. As I talked about yesterday, I am now told that juice is good for me but also no better than soda and will kill me. Well I don’t care. I am not ready to drink only water, I am drinking a lot more water, but I am not ready to only drink water. I’ve been drinking soda since I was using a sippy cup, lets call juice a victory over soda, and not worry about why that’s going to kill me. After all, in the last 12 months, I have had major back surgery, I stopped smoking, I have started trying to change my eating habits, I started listening to my doctor about taking vitamins everyday, and I started a daily workout routine. Can’t I have some juice while giving up soda without hearing how its going to kill me? Look, 13 months ago you could find my lazy ass sitting somewhere chain-smoking with a double half pound bacon cheese burger and washing it down with half a case of dr pepper. I don’t think anything in the juice is really that bad here.

The only problem with juice is work. It is just not alway practical from me to bring it to work without buying individual bottles, and that can get expensive, so I am trying to drink mostly water at work and juice at home now. I do find that I crave the soda less the longer I go with drinking less of it. The real downside here is that I am tired, all the time. I don’t drink coffee, and the soda I was drinking really added up in caffeine, I just am not going to get that anywhere else, and it is taking a long time for my body to adjust, but I guess I have to hope it will eventually.

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