Salad, It Just Doesn’t Do It

22 Apr

So I am several weeks in now, and I will have to give props to the whole salad thing. It was a simple to make, low thought, way to start changing how I eat. I have posted many of my favorite parts of eating salad, as well as things I am looking to try. Now I am getting to a point that I am getting tired of trying.

While I used salad to get me going and counting fat and calories and so on. I really can’t find a way to expand on it. Thing is, I just don’t like vegetables. It maybe the only thing keeping me from being a vegetarian. When it comes to it, there are just too few options that I am able to get myself to eat. I haven’t been stubborn about this one either, I have given myself every opportunity to improve on this. My basic salad, which is what I do like in salad, and have made a lot of for myself, is pretty simple. Iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, cubed turkey and/or ham, boiled egg, mild cheddar, bacon bits, crouton and ranch. I have been making these larger to be about 4-5 cups each, in order to be an entire meal for me. When I measure and add it all up, it is about 750 calories and about 50 grams of fat. This sounded high to me, until I added up how much that really means, since I was eating two of those a day, with a couple of fruits and a yogurt, at the most in a day. With my goal at 1700 calories and 100 grams of fat a day, for the time being, I am coming in under, I’m just getting most the calories from two meals, which is ok.

Now I knew, as I had posted about before, that I can’t stay with the same thing and survive. Simply put, I will just grow tired of the salad I am making and not want to eat it. Also, I included a couple of ingredients I wouldn’t hurt to lose, if not reduce. I would like to become more accustomed to the taste of the salad and reduce the ranch, bacon and cheese more, those do make up more than half the calories and almost all the fat after all. So where did this fall apart? I changed it. So I want to talk about some other veggies that I have tried and where I am having issue.

Broccoli, is a good place to start. Nothing against broccoli, just came to mind first.

  • Cooked – I am a fan of cooked broccoli. Steamed, boiled or baked, doesn’t really matter. I can eat it alone with a touch of salt, or with cheese dip or in a soup.
  • Raw – I am not as much of a fan. It’s fine and I can taste it without not liking it, if it is in a salad or something similar, but if I am aware that I am biting into it, I just don’t.

Carrots, I don’t know what to say on this but I know I don’t need to bullet point this one. I don’t like them. I have tried eating them raw, cooking them, steaming them, over cooking them, and even drinking carrot juice. I tried putting small amounts to a large salad, and even hiding them in other meals they should go well with. I just don’t like them. I don’t want them in my salad, in my stew or in my juice.

Celery, I like raw, by itself, or with peanut butter or a dip, but plain is fine. If you cut it up and add it to anything, I no longer like it, and if it is cooked for any reason it becomes gross, but as a snack, I will reach for a celery stick.

Onions, are just as bad in every way, if not worse, than carrots. Oddly, I like onions seasoning, and I will cook meat with onions, then take off the onions afterwards, but I do not like the onion itself. I don’t really know why. I kind of do like the smell though.

Cucumbers, are about as bad as onions, except I don’t like the smell, nor do I like any seasoning that people might claim they add. I even get a little squeamish when I see someone in a movie or tv show bit into one. I don’t like pickles either, I don’t care how much you soak them in vinegar of for how long, they still taste like cucumbers.

Squash, of any kind, doesn’t enter my house. I don’t like the texture of it more than anything, but the taste isn’t any better. Yellow squash is the only food that has made me literally gag, and I really don’t feel good about ever eating it.

Other Lettuces, I have always been familiar with having iceberg and I guess I am just used to it and have been from the start. I know there are others and I have tried them, but I just don’t like them. They all taste lettuce to me, it’s the texture on those that I have an issue with. I’m use to the crisp watery texture of iceberg, the others just don’t have that. Nothing against them, and I have used them in salad with iceberg and found the added flavor welcome, but I don’t see replacing iceberg with them.

Spinach, this one is a little odd compared to the rest. Everything else hasn’t really changed in my life. I don’t remember ever liking onions, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon, and so one with the others. The thing about spinach, I distinctly remember not liking it at all. Honestly as a child, I would have

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