Exercise and Diet Updates

06 Oct

As I said in my last post, I want to try to not make this all about exercise and diet, but I will have to include a lot of that stuff since I also need to use this as a way to keep me going. With all that in mind lets review the last year.

If you were to read back, don’t though, no need to dwell on the past when I was more positive and you know, and making progress, you would see in comparison from my last reports on weight and the progress box from myfitnesspal on the left, you would notice that I have gained back a pound or twenty from where I started. Really this came from a three fold issue.

First being that I had to stop taking the diet assistance pills from the doctor. I had reached a point where they were no longer helping me to loose weight, but where only really helping maintaining where I was. I am not a doctor, but from my understanding, I was just getting use to them too quickly. The weight I lost, I was able to keep off long enough to get the growth in muscle and bone that I was needing to loose the weight medically for anyway, so there seemed little option but to take me off them and maybe try again another time.

Second really is simple and comes down to me not watching my food intake. Slipping back into the old habits of eating too much here or too much of this instead of this. I think the only reason I didn’t gain more back was because of all the work I did to expand my diet to include so much more healthy foods before that, which I have kept some of that up and made it truly part of my regular diet, just obviously not all of it. Worst of all has been bouncing from soda to no soda to diet soda to regular soda and back again. I know the soda is bad, I really like it though.

Third was my not working out as much. I have had several reason for why I stopped walking as much as I was, I could list them, ranging from not having the right shoes to moving to a house with less close by walking areas, but it comes down to me getting comfortable not doing it. When I finally did it I got a new pair of shoes that work great for me for about $20 and every neighborhood has sidewalks and safe ways to get to them, it doesn’t have to be a walking trail. I know I could list several more if I stopped to think about, but they are just more excuses and have no more credibility.

I have stayed healthier and tried to stay at an active level, and that is doing me good, but these are the three issues I really need to focus on again.

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