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Now normally when posting a review or sharing a site, I will post a link to the website at the top of my posts. I know most people would put the link in at the bottom or create a hyperlink in relevant text, but I like to make it obvious with a link or logo with hyperlink. I have chosen to not do this on this, what is likely to be a short, post. My reason is simple and clear. I don’t want you going to this website, and will not endorse you to do so. Let me explain.

I like buying cheap fun crap I don’t need, I also use an ecig, for both of these reasons I spend way too much time searching around the internet for obscure websites and going deep in the lower levels of Amazon that they don’t want to tell you about. Surprisingly, I have had very few issues in buying things. I can only think of one time that I ordered something that I didn’t receive and rarely is there a complete lack of customer service. I do follow a few set rules

1. don’t give my credit card number to anyone, either use paypal or a third party payment option that I trust, and it is easy enough to look into ones you don’t know to tell if you should trust them or not.

2. make sure the link is going where it says it’s going. Simple fact is that some people will try to scam you with false links. You click on PayPal checkout, it takes you to a site that looks just like PayPal checkout but isn’t, you put in you info, and they can now log in to your account and send themselves all your money. Just look at the addresses you are linked too, careful to make sure there are no extra dots or anything in it. You can even go to paypal and go to their checkout page from your account and compare the addresses if you need to

3. Be ready to wait, these places are rarely in the next town over, and they aren’t going to be able to send your package for free from where they are in less than a couple weeks. You will get it, you just have to remember that there is likely a donkey involved in your shipping option, and you need to be patient

4. This is probably the most important rule, be ready to get what you paid for. If you order a watch that “looks like” the soon to be released Apple watch, and you got it for $10, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come siri ready, or if it stops working or a screw falls out in a day or two.

All that said, few companies have I had enough issue with to never want to return or tell people to go to, even for a laugh, as I have had with e5cigs. They sell mostly things for your vapeing experience, as you might have guessed. I vape so I thought I would look at things and I happen to need some new batteries at the time that I was looking, so I found some batteries to order from them. they had a some similar to what I usually get from another company, and a set of 5 batteries set really cheap and marked as a sale item. So, I decided on my order and placed it and all that. A couple weeks later I got my stuff in the mail and was excited to get all the batteries charged and tested. one of the normal ones didn’t work at all, and then out of the set of 5, one didn’t work and two had shorts that caused the batteries to heat up real hot really fast.

Not happy with my order, I got on the website and found the link for complaints, and I was happy with their system for communication, but not how they handled things. I told them the batteries didn’t work, and their first response was to ask me to prove this in a video and then to email them that video. I am not a overly creative person, and just don’t know how to take a video of something that is dead in a way that proves that it is dead, so I responded telling them exactly that and asked what it was they wanted me to do in the video to prove this. Their response was to say they no longer needed the video, but would like to offer me an $8 store credit for my trouble. Now the products that aren’t working or are defective here added up to $16-$20, so I wasn’t very happy with an $8 store credit and asked for a refund or a store credit of the amount that I was out.

It took a few back and forth messages, but in the end all they would do, for the most amount of my money returned, was send me two more batteries equaling about $12 if I was to buy them, and likely costing them much less than that. I haven’t received them so I have no idea if these two are defective or work at all, but I will see when I get them. It doesn’t really matter if they do or not now, following them telling me they would send me out the two replacements for the 5 dead batteries they sold me, I was pissed enough that I then deleted all history, cookies and autofill information on this website from Chrome and Safari. If I get the replacements or not, and if they work or not, I have no reason to return to this site and I personally never will. They lost my business and I hope yours too.

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