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My exciting adventures in weight loss


Hey, look, I am still around. Been so long between posts, I almost forgot about me.

So, if there is still anyone still subscribed and reading this, I do still have things to talk about, even though I took another long break.

Today’s subject is simple enough, the treadmill. A little back story first though. I have been under doctors orders to walk regularly for a couple years now. Plus, I have been taking those orders a bit further in order to try and lose, and keep off, weight. Well this winter has been difficult for me along these lines. A lot of it is me making excuses, but not all. My biggest issue has been since last summer when I moved. I use to live right next to a nice public lake, with a popular, and well maintained, walking trail around it. Made for a good excuse to get out walking, and gave a good measured distance in a varied incline decline area. I was working on getting out and walking the entire 3.3 miles a few times a week, or at least that was the goal. I wasn’t always able to make it all the way around, and was working to do so with more and more ease.

Well, I moved. I moved to a house that is not near such a place. While I now live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, I also live on a busy road that is without a sidewalk. The streets near me also don’t all have sidewalks, and when walking, I am basically walking in neighborhood blocks not, most with sidewalks when you go so far, and not the public areas for walking that I am more comfortable with, and that are measured out for distance. Also, early last summer, I lost the person that was walking with me. Not that it is requirement for walking, but it did make it a lot easier for me when someone was showing up and not giving me room for excuses to not get out and walk, and having company to talk to and laugh with and complain with about the walk, made things a lot easier as well. While the walk itself can include a lot of things to look at and be pleasant to just be outside, there is a big part of it where I am fighting my body telling me that I can’t do this and need to give up, and having someone there telling me otherwise helped. The reason she stopped walking with me could be a long post in itself, all I will really say to that is, if you think your significant other is doing something other than walking with a friend of hers, and you are too lazy to walk with them to see for yourself, then shut up, you can’t accuse them if you are invited.

So, I was using all of this as kind of an excuse to not force myself out the door, and I have gained a pound or ten back because of it. There is also the regular excuses used with being a single parent and not being about to easily schedule times to drive somewhere to walk or workout. Then comes weather. While I tell myself I am just making excuses, the weather is something that I can’t control and is more than just an excuse. If it is raining or stormy, I am not alone in thinking it is a good day to skip a workout. Then when you get to the later fall months, it starts getting cold, and while some people still do their outside workouts despite temperature, I just don’t find myself able to. When I walk a long distance when it is too hot out, I find myself feeling sick a lot and feel like I am hurting myself more than helping. Winter is even worse, since I am not only cold, but my back and hip, where I had surgery a couple years ago and what started all this, start to hurt and makes it hard to move some days much less walking several miles getting consistently colder.

I decided the solution to this all was to get a treadmill, now that I live in a place big enough to have one. I would still prefer to walk with someone outside, but I am hoping the treadmill really gives me less excuses to not walk. It is also closer to my music and TV, so I am able to do something that might distract me and see if I can make that a way to walk further more often. I did get the treadmill, and have been trying to figure out the best placement for it, and the best attitude to have towards it. From what I have found online, people seem to suggest putting it in a place that it is easy to get to, no excuses not to use it, without having it in the way of other things, and somewhere you will see it everyday. The house I live in was my grandparents house when I was growing up, and the furniture was always arranged in this one way, more or less, and I have kept it that way, more or less, since I moved in. It just seems like that is where the furniture goes, and it just feels odd changing certain things in this house. So I am having a bit of trouble deciding where to put the treadmill at the moment, but I think I have decided on a good location. If anyone has a suggestion on this, I am open to ideas.

My only real concern has been walking on it. I am just not use to it. A treadmill works by giving a consistent speed on a belt. If you ever pay attention to how you walk, you don’t really walk with a consistent speed in real life. You sort of walk faster and slower depending, but you throw that out the window with a treadmill and have to learn to walk at this speed for this long, and it just isn’t something I am use too. I also am not use to watching or listening to anything when walking. While I am told, and have read, about how you can get in the habit of watching a show or listening to an album or so on and so forth, and even get to the point of timing your workout based on that, and it can increase the level of your workout, it just isn’t something I have ever done, so I am not use to it yet. I am sure with time I will know what they are talking about.

All that said, I put the treadmill in my bedroom for the time being, moving it to its new home in the family room will take time with changing the arrangement of the family room. For now my bedroom will just have to work. I have only had it three days now, but I did use it once. The first day I used the best excuse I could think of to not use it, I was exhausted after dragging the 230lb box inside and setting the damn thing up. The second day I used it, and yesterday I was just being lazy. Now that I have a way to walk inside, I want to tell myself that I have less room for excuses, and force myself into a schedule. Day 1 I walked a 20 minute mile watching a show. I realized that it has been too long since I stopped walking since I was wearing down a little faster than I was hoping. The plan, starting today is to find a speed that I can keep up, and start watching an hour long show, which are actually about 40-45 minutes on Netflix, and go to the end of the show instead of watching the treadmill.

That really is all I can say about it right now, I am hoping this will help me have less excuses and keep things up. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on using a treadmill, I am all ears.

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Now I am about to make excuses that will seem unreasonable, but I am working past them, so shut it.

When I started the whole exercising thing, I lived close to a popular walking/running area for where I live. It is a lovely little lake with a 3.4 mile paved trail running around it. All sorts of people walking, running, biking, walking dogs, playing at the parks and so on all the time. I hated it. That sounds odd, but I hated it. The reason I hated it, is the same reason I hate going to local gyms and other places designed for working out. This is simple, I live in a city with a major university and well that makes this all suck. These places are always full of these students that don’t need to fucking be there. Okay, maybe people that work on keeping it early should be there and should be encouraged, blah blah blah blah blah. I am not saying that I don’t have any problem seeing college girls in great shape working out either, I am male, I think that comes with the hardware. The problem is I am not even seeing sex at this point. What I see are these 18-mid 20’s college students, girls and guys, with perfect fucking bodies, barely wearing enough cloth to cover the parts that move when they do, running at even pace. Then I notice them as they then lap me once or twice and notice that they are barely breaking a sweat, they haven’t seemed to slow down, and they smiling like this is fun.

Why would this be an issue, and why do I hate them to my core for it, well that is simple, as they pass me for the second or third time, I am thinking in my head that I just am hoping to survive the 4 miles this trail requires me to finish and be alive at the end, I am only half way, nearing the 2 mile mark, and my shirt looks like I took a dip in the lake along the way I am sweating so much, and I stopped feeling part of my legs already. I am in no way smiling, the joyful spirit that was happy that I was getting out and moving jumped ship about half a mile back when the guy in my head that started calculating the point of no return (the point on the trail where it is shorter to finish rather than to turn around) kicked in. It is about the point of no return when I first think about if I wore the right socks or tied my shoes right to not get blisters, and as I am having that thought, Mr perfect abs and his girlfriend Miss perfect curve run past me for the second time in the running clothes they made with string and a few doilies, and I don’t even want to tell them that, cause they are too young to know what doilies even are.

Well a few months ago I moved away from the lake that I use to walk at frequently. I miss it. Now I live in a neighborhood that is not really near any solid trails or measured areas to walk. Worst of all there are no pretty college students to start my walk out looking at and end it hating. There is just me and the occasional person working in their yard. Sidewalk where there are sidewalks, but the traffic is calm enough to not need them where there aren’t any. I long for just having some noise, but really that isn’t what I miss most. I miss the college students. When you walk alone, and can’t find someone to walk with you regularly, you don’t get a lot of encouragement. What I hated about those college students the most is when they lapped me they gave me a smile or a simple nod. I hated that these people where out there to begin with, and then that they looked at me, cause a lot of them just look at you with this grossed out face, but the ones that worked, the ones lapping me, they always looked and smiled and nodded. They may not have been doing it intentionally, but they were encouraging me by simply recognizing me. I may not be able to get around several time in an hour, but I am trying.

That is the biggest reason I am not out there right now. My kids don’t care if I go walking or if I lay on the couch in my office and watch netflix. They get fed and the laundry gets done both ways. I am single, so I am not getting an encouragement from a partner, and I don’t really have anyone going with me. So I stand at a stand still where I wan’t to start with a small goal and walk a mile a day and increase that to real exercise, but I just feel like I don’t care, and like no one else does, so why should I. I should because of all the reason I have to, but I don’t because if I do it, no one will pat me on the back for it. I know that is stupid, but it is true, and it is the truth making me lazier than ever. I do not know how to work past it, but I will need to in order to get anywhere. I can break my diet down to under 1000 calories a day, but if I don’t burn at least that, what good is it?

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Our next stop on my train of depression that I want to talk about, in order to kick myself a little so to help to continue to motivate me more, is clothing. I would like to say this is about one type of clothing, but no. Let me apologize to anyone that reads this that does’t like the occasional curse here and there. I know I shouldn’t, but I type things as I think them, and there are a few things about this current subject that just brings that out in me, so ignore it or skip the next couple posts.

No, it couldn’t just be that my fucking shirts were getting a bit tight around the waist or that I needed to let my belt out a little. I first started noticing that maybe things with my diet and weight plan from the last year were going in a negative direction, when the belt I wear every day didn’t fit. Now I wear a cloth belt with a clasp, so there are not loops or hole to judge things by. Some days I wore the belt looser than others, so I was also use to the belt seeming to be a bit short, but I didn’t wear a belt for a few weeks during moving residence, because I lost my belt in a box somewhere, and when I found it and went to put it one, it didn’t fucking fit at all. I couldn’t get enough cloth into the buckle to make the clap close. That isn’t me feeling bloated or wearing a thick shirt, that is some extra fat came from somewhere and it is now attached to me, you stupid fat piece of shit.

Now I don’t mean to call me names, but I feel like I think of me that way, even though I don’t feel like that in real time.

Then my shirts, oh my shirts, my lovely old collection of shirts. I hoard shirts. I hold on to them as if they are made of gold. Probably because I remember what I paid for some of them and they might as well be made of gold. I have bought a good amount of clothing at thrift stores and gotten a few as gifts, but there are a lot that I paid store price for. I never worried much about it, I wore shirts that fit when I started the diet plan last year, and as I lost weight, I really liked my shirts being a little baggy, and no one seemed to mind around me, so why waste the money replacing any of them? I wouldn’t do that, no. In fact I liked how I looked in the slightly bigger shirts that I bought more shirts of the same size. Now when it comes to the t shirts of that size, I am still good. The material stretches a bit here and is loose a bit there, and it all kind of evens out, cause rayon and jersey knit are your friend! Remember that, they are your friend, if worn right, they can show every curve you want shown off and hide all the ones you don’t. When it comes to my other shirts, I am not so much happy. Buttons are evil! It would seem that I can’t button all my button up shirts anymore, and remember this is the size I was when I started the plan almost two years ago. I am bigger in size than then, and I hate myself for it. Still smaller in weight.

Last we come to my pants, and this may be my sore spot in all of this. I wore a size 36 pant coming out of high school, and I wore a size 36 for a really really long time. Marriage and desk jobs eventually got the best of me and I went up to a size 38, and I have been a size 38 for the majority of my adulthood. I only got big enough to buy one pair of size 40 pants once in my life. I bought the one pair and started this diet kick about the start of 2012. I almost immediately went back to a size 38. I even got down low enough at the end of summer in 2013 that I could fit in some of the more relaxed fit size 36 jeans I had around. Well that all use to be true, now I have been noticing that not only my belt was getting too small. The only pants I had that I even needed a belt for was those size 40 pants I bought in 2012, and now I was noticing that there was even some pants that I wasn’t wearing because they were getting a bit too tight. Because of a dress code change at work I decided I needed to have a couple pairs of new jeans, so I went to the store last night to buy the jeans. It was a depressing shopping trip. I wish I had just stayed home, but there is paint on the only jeans that I own that fit, so I needed to buy jeans. I decided to try on different sizes, and the size 40 pants was all that fit, and I couldn’t have been more pissed at me about it. I hate even the idea that I have to wear a size 40 jean now. The worst part of it, I am sitting here typing this wearing the new jeans, and I keep thinking how tight they are in places and now think I should go back and get a pair or two of relaxed fit in the same size for work. Fuck me!

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So I am still trying to get in the habit of writing stuff down again. It really does help, but it will also be easier once my office at home is all set up and I have a comfortable place to sit and type, since I don’t always find the time at work.

Food is what is on my mind today. I did a good job last year at changing my diet completely and holding myself to it in order to loose weight. In the time between then and now I let that slip quite a bit. I have remained more aware of what I am eating and making sure to diversify the food I am eating, and not just eating crap everyday, but I didn’t stick completely to the diet. There is some blame I put on the fact that healthier food is just more expensive and harder to make. There is also some blame to put on me for not trying harder to find the other options as well. The biggest issue I find myself having is portion control though.

When I started this all in 2012 the doctor put me on these wonderful little pills that made me stop eating when I was full, sometimes before I was. Appetite suppressors work great to help you eat a correct portion of food, but as those went away I have found it easier to eat more than to stick with the amount that I should be eating. The urge to just have something to eat or to eat more is just so over whelming. I stopped buying junk snack food and easy high carb stuff, and now I find myself late at night looking in an almost full pantry thinking how we just have nothing to eat. I don’t want to cook something, nor do I need to be, and I don’t want to eat a can of peaches, I want a fucking cookie or some popcorn, something that tastes great, likely has ten things in it that are killing me and making my diet not work, and will make me feel better and like I ate something.

I feel discouraged weighing myself, know junk food in the house, I go to bed hungry and find myself doing more chores just to stay active and not think about food, and then I’ve gained weight and pants that fit last week don’t this week. I know that I am going through that same thing I went through last time I started this crap where your body adjusts to more water, change in diet and exercise and you put some weight on before losing. I am fully aware that some people do that and IT REALLY SUCKS!!! I just want to be able to stand up without feeling my body weight not putting pressure on my back and hip causing a sharp pain, or to talk to a girl I am attracted to without being convinced that she has no interest in return because of my weight. I want my fucking shirts to fit and not have to go to work wearing them unbuttoned with a clean t shirt underneath. That style went out of style when I was in high school for everyone except fat guys that can’t afford new cloths.

Anyway, got side tracked there a bit. I am working on the food thing. I am not focusing on switching to full healthy food like I did last time, cause that approach simply didn’t work. It worked, but I wasn’t able to sustain it, so it didn’t. I am trying some other options, like making large amounts of food I like at home. I know I like ham, instead of buying deli ham, I am buying half or whole ham, and I can cook it myself. That is just one example, but it is a good one cause it is something that is affordable, since it provides several meals, plus I have full control over the seasonings, how it is trimmed and so on. It isn’t a perfect solution and I need to work on portion control as well, but it is where I am starting.

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Boosting The Plan

I know it has been a few weeks since I posted about diet, exercise and such, but there is good reason. For one, I didn’t want this site to be exclusively about my struggle with weight, it is about that and everything else. This site is supposed to be a place for me to treat like a personal diary that everyone can read. The second reason I really took a break is that I was kind of feeling that I was repeating myself. The last being that I was starting to really feel discouraged in all the work I was putting out.

The first two are easily solved. I am not going to have a post about weight everyday, and I might, I just need to figure that all out for myself. I need to come up with other topics I want to talk about and get back in the mode of a full range of things I want posted on this site, even if there is a lot of weight and diet included. The last part is the subject of this post.

I started all of this in spring of 2012, working hard, under doctors advice and plans, I really gave it a shot, but didn’t really take it real serious. That is until the following summer when I realized how important this all was and went full on with diet and exercise, pushing myself as hard as I could until time for me to have surgery. At that point I had lost a good 15 pounds, which is a lot less than the doctors projections. She had hoped I’d lose 20-25 pounds in that time with that plan.

Then I had my fusion done. There is something about open back surgery that makes you not hit those four mile marks for a while. I did have rehab, and I tried to not junk out on food when I couldn’t really move. It was around January of this year when I started back to the walking and some exercise. As I in February I started weighing myself again, and realized I had gained 5 pounds back from what I lost the year before. So in March I started back on the monitored diet, counting fat, counting calories, watching the sugar, drinking more water, and so on.

With all this back in place I am here 5 months later, that is 5 months from when I started walking again. While my walking back then was only about a quarter of a mile, but it was all I could do. Now I am walking a lot more than that, but I am still not to that 4 mile mark yet. Now a couple of weeks ago I realized that I was not just getting back into it, but I was 5 months in on walking, 4 months back on exercises and stretching, and 2 months in on a pretty heavily restricted diet, but I had not really lost anything. If you look at my tracking, I lose some, gain some, lose some, gain some, and so on. All this while following the same plan, eating the same things, at the same times, in the same portions. I knew that there was a yoyo effect that some people see when they start loosing weight, but this seemed to be going right back to where I started and I was staying in this same range.

Out of concern for my own health, and that I wasn’t doing something correctly, or that there might really be something wrong with me, I went back to the person that originally wanted me to lose weight in the first place, my doctor. I told her all of this and about the yoyoing. She ran a bunch of test on my blood to see what might be wrong with me. It seems there are a lot of things that can be wrong with you to be fat. The results of these tests were that I have none of those. Everything I was tested for, which included metabolism and metabolism diseases, thyroid issues, diabetes, and some other things with long names I couldn’t prononce much less remember how to spell.

Well the good news is that I am perfectly healthy. According to the lab work, I have no issues with my thyroid or metabolism, nor do I have any of those other diseases. Well, that’s good news, at least it was until I realized that, according to those tests, I ate me fat. I don’t have any other reason I can point it to. The regular meds I am on don’t cause over eating or slowed metabolism. I don’t have a genetic disorder that they can find, or any diseases to pin it on. I am just fat, and I can only blame my love of pizza on being fat. Ok, ok, that might sound harsh, but I am actually ok with it. I hate those people who blame this or that or whatever, and I’m not blaming the makers of the pizza for it, I’m the one that ate it. So, I am fat, because I like food that makes you fat.

But where did this news leave me? Ok, I’m fat, and there is nothing wrong with me, so why can’t I lose the weight despite sever dieting and as much exercising as I can do without harming my still healing back? Apparently that answer is unknown, or it’s too expensive to find out. My doctor got be back in her office, and after a lot of discussion on the matter, it boils down to the fact that I am still too fat. Now my doctor wouldn’t put it like that, although I do at times wish doctors would be more blunt with you, but she said something more along the lines of how I needed to reduce my overall weight as a permanent part of pain management and this was concord by my surgeon and the pain management professional. Ok, so I am not just fat, but three doctors agree that I am too fat.

When it was all said and done, she gave me a script for weight loss drugs. I have been against these in the past, and actually I rarely take any narcotic medication, but I felt like I was out of options at this point. I have a doctor telling me that this is so important that she not only thinks I need to take something to make it happen faster, but a doctor that in the past has always explored every possible option before going to this kind of drug, as well as two doctors agreeing with her on the importance of me not being so fat anymore.

I took the script and thought about it a little bit, last week when I got it. I had it filled, but looked at it and looked it up for a couple of days before finally starting it. I still am not happy about the idea of what I am doing, but know that if this really helps that I will be thrilled about the weight loss. There are real pros and cons to this route though.

Pros of weight loss medication is that is usually works. It helps you really drop weight, especially if you do your part and eat right and exercise.

Cons of these pills is a lot longer of a list. The biggest con is how they work. Most weight loss medication, including the kind I am using now, is a chemical that is closely related to amphetamines. It does exactly what that does. It causes you to loose your apatite and increases both your metabolism and your drive to be doing something constantly, so with the loss of food and increase in movement, you lose weight much faster. This may sound to most like a pro, but the problem is that when you get to the weight that the doctor sets as the goal, your done. Then you are left without it, and that brings us to the second con. They are well-known for being addictive. While these won’t give you the high that amphetamines can give you, the increased productivity, weight loss, and adapted habits that you can get yourself into by taking these everyday, can all become very addictive without the high.

At this point I have noticed an increase in metabolism due to the increased amount of water I am drinking, a lose in apatite and a side effect of being much more talkative, I just seem to have a lot more to say. This isn’t the worst side effect, and those are what the pills are supposed to do, but I go into this with both hope and caution. The loss in apatite though really isn’t how it sounds, I don’t get sick when eating too much, or full faster, but I more have lost some of my interest in food. I am not seeking it out, other than to remind myself that I need to eat something. The last of the cons is what happens when I stop taking it. I don’t want to lose the entire 80 pounds I was over weight, and then gain it back. I know that my habits will play a big part in that, but I do feel that without anyone knowing why I haven’t been able to stabilize, or lose, my current weight, I could just as easily gain weight back. If I’m doing everything right now and not loosing, will I be able to keep it gone? That is something I am going to press for more options on from the doctor in my next appointment next month.

Well I really wanted that all out of my system, and I did with a really long post. I will continue to post on my progress. Hopefully future posts wont need to carry on this long.


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Fruit and Soda

Over the last week I have started to feel like something was missing. Seemed like I wasn’t getting what I needed in snacks and while I have started to feel full from meals, I have felt like I am not getting enough. I don’t know how to really explain the feeling. It’s just like my body is telling me that it can handle less food and less meat, but needs more than what I am giving it. Not more as in quantity, but in variety. So, I decided it was about time that I started adding some fresh fruit and a larger variety of veggies to my diet.

I do know a little more about fruits and what I like, more so than I do veggies. It shouldn’t really be too hard for me to integrate them into my day. I guess the hardest part here is the same thing as what has made all of this hard, that’s habit. Peanut butter and jelly just seems so much easier to me than chopping up a couple of fruits to make a snack. Well I started by buying some banana’s and apples to get me started. My first realization was that the kids really like these more than I had given them credit for and already need to go buy more apples. I don’t have a problem with that, I’d rather run out of apples to them than running out of corn dogs and popsicle.

Yesterday was really the beginning of this. I just added an apple or banana to what I was already eating. For example, this morning I ate my yogurt, peach flavored, and then ate a small apple. It really is an amazing difference that it makes. I feel a lot better with what I ate this morning already. Just the small addition of a fruit made a lot of that needing feeling go away. I have also decided that it might be time to spread out what veggies I am eating. While I have decided that iceberg is the lettuce of choice for me, there is a lot I can add to it.

My current salad, which I eat for lunch, is simple enough. It contains iceberg lettuce, turkey, ham, boiled egg, bacon bits, cheese and ranch. I know that it doesn’t really sound that healthy as I type it out, but really there is just enough bacon and cheese to add flavor. It’s mostly iceberg when it comes down to it, and only one serving of ranch, which isn’t really a whole lot. I have been thinking of ways to add to it. I like it as is, but I really feel that it needs more variety of veggies, iceberg can’t stand alone in there, after all its mostly water. So I bought some more veggies to try to start adding in. I got carrots, which I hate and am going to add anyway, celery, broccoli and spinach leaf. Those seem like standard items to add. I just can’t eat uncooked cabbage and onions aren’t an option, ten times worse than carrots.

I am going to try to stick to the base salad I have been making, and just make each one a little different with these different veggies to add a little more of what I think I need, and not get sick of the same thing over and over everyday. What I am very interested in, is this idea of adding fruit to the salad. I already had one with banana slices added to it. I am going to have to experiment with that more. Obviously there will be some fruit that just doesn’t go with ranch or one of the veggies, but I am going to buy a couple of different fruits and try cutting them up into salads. I might come up with something horrible, or great. I really want to try adding avocado slices. I know that some banana, not too much, is pretty good. I’m thinking grapes and gala apples would be good too. I am always open to suggestions of course. If there is anything that anyone adds to their salads that I might not of thought of, let me know. Last suggestion I got was trying different kind of egg. Like trying scrabbled or something like that. I don’t know about that, but I guess. I also thought about adding more egg and putting in some sausage bits, give it a breakfast salad taste. That might be getting into the more odd ideas, but I am not against trying anything here.

Soda! I almost wrapped up this post without going into one of the title points. I have an update on soda, well Dr Pepper if we are going to be honest, and my intake of it. I’ve stopped drinking it at home completely. This is where you cheer and pat me on the back. I am still drinking it at work. How many is still a little back and forth. Today is looking like a one bottle day at this point. Which is really great, but for some reason I still feel bad about the fact that I had one today at all, and I really shouldn’t since I have gone from drinking a 12 pack of 12 ounce cans every two days, to drinking one 20 ounce bottle a day, sometimes two. Now my success I am told is great by most people, but by some I am not doing any better than I thought. This is because I am drinking more juice. As I talked about yesterday, I am now told that juice is good for me but also no better than soda and will kill me. Well I don’t care. I am not ready to drink only water, I am drinking a lot more water, but I am not ready to only drink water. I’ve been drinking soda since I was using a sippy cup, lets call juice a victory over soda, and not worry about why that’s going to kill me. After all, in the last 12 months, I have had major back surgery, I stopped smoking, I have started trying to change my eating habits, I started listening to my doctor about taking vitamins everyday, and I started a daily workout routine. Can’t I have some juice while giving up soda without hearing how its going to kill me? Look, 13 months ago you could find my lazy ass sitting somewhere chain-smoking with a double half pound bacon cheese burger and washing it down with half a case of dr pepper. I don’t think anything in the juice is really that bad here.

The only problem with juice is work. It is just not alway practical from me to bring it to work without buying individual bottles, and that can get expensive, so I am trying to drink mostly water at work and juice at home now. I do find that I crave the soda less the longer I go with drinking less of it. The real downside here is that I am tired, all the time. I don’t drink coffee, and the soda I was drinking really added up in caffeine, I just am not going to get that anywhere else, and it is taking a long time for my body to adjust, but I guess I have to hope it will eventually.

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Getting Opinions

Well I guess I really should start things off with a weight update, although I am going to try to do this less because I don’t want to focus too much on it. There is a page tabbed at the top of my blog called “weights and measurements” that I created to post tracked weights. I will be posting them there and mentioning only ones that I am excited about on the blog. I weighed in Monday at 246. It’s a pound and a half increase, but as usual, I’m not worried.

The last few months I have been asking people for opinions on food and exercise. It is a simple matter that I do not know much about that in which I am throwing myself into, and I can’t afford regular doctor visits to track progress and changes in diet, and I sure can’t afford a personal trainer or anything of the like. So, I am left with hearsay and what I stubble across, for good or bad. This sounds so easy, but damn does everyone have a different opinion or fact. It’s not just people I’ve talked to and friends and family, it’s websites, books and “education” sites. The best I can figure is that EVERYTHING is both good and bad for you, and you should both eat and not eat ANYTHING. When I was a kid, I was always told that you should eat veggies, fruits, grain and some meat and dairy, in order to be healthy.

Now it seems that it is not only more complicated, but it is unclear and opinionated. This person will say one thing, and this another. It really is about as annoying as it gets. I think my next post will be a list of the things I have been told in all of this. My health advice list, as it were. It is just amazing that I can’t get one clear answer about anything from anyone.

I can wrap this up by giving you my opinion and advice. Ready for it? I don’t know and I haven’t figured it out. Wait, I got a better answer, how about this for my advice? Banana’s taste good. That’s the best I can do. I don’t know anything about this stuff. You are currently reading the occasional ranting of an over weight guy that is single and needs someone to get this out too, but is single so he types it out online for strangers to read instead. I have no training, just opinions, I just wish some people who eat better than I do had some better advice and were a little less extreme about food.

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Posted by on April 11, 2013 in Weight