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Hey, look, I am still around. Been so long between posts, I almost forgot about me.

So, if there is still anyone still subscribed and reading this, I do still have things to talk about, even though I took another long break.

Today’s subject is simple enough, the treadmill. A little back story first though. I have been under doctors orders to walk regularly for a couple years now. Plus, I have been taking those orders a bit further in order to try and lose, and keep off, weight. Well this winter has been difficult for me along these lines. A lot of it is me making excuses, but not all. My biggest issue has been since last summer when I moved. I use to live right next to a nice public lake, with a popular, and well maintained, walking trail around it. Made for a good excuse to get out walking, and gave a good measured distance in a varied incline decline area. I was working on getting out and walking the entire 3.3 miles a few times a week, or at least that was the goal. I wasn’t always able to make it all the way around, and was working to do so with more and more ease.

Well, I moved. I moved to a house that is not near such a place. While I now live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, I also live on a busy road that is without a sidewalk. The streets near me also don’t all have sidewalks, and when walking, I am basically walking in neighborhood blocks not, most with sidewalks when you go so far, and not the public areas for walking that I am more comfortable with, and that are measured out for distance. Also, early last summer, I lost the person that was walking with me. Not that it is requirement for walking, but it did make it a lot easier for me when someone was showing up and not giving me room for excuses to not get out and walk, and having company to talk to and laugh with and complain with about the walk, made things a lot easier as well. While the walk itself can include a lot of things to look at and be pleasant to just be outside, there is a big part of it where I am fighting my body telling me that I can’t do this and need to give up, and having someone there telling me otherwise helped. The reason she stopped walking with me could be a long post in itself, all I will really say to that is, if you think your significant other is doing something other than walking with a friend of hers, and you are too lazy to walk with them to see for yourself, then shut up, you can’t accuse them if you are invited.

So, I was using all of this as kind of an excuse to not force myself out the door, and I have gained a pound or ten back because of it. There is also the regular excuses used with being a single parent and not being about to easily schedule times to drive somewhere to walk or workout. Then comes weather. While I tell myself I am just making excuses, the weather is something that I can’t control and is more than just an excuse. If it is raining or stormy, I am not alone in thinking it is a good day to skip a workout. Then when you get to the later fall months, it starts getting cold, and while some people still do their outside workouts despite temperature, I just don’t find myself able to. When I walk a long distance when it is too hot out, I find myself feeling sick a lot and feel like I am hurting myself more than helping. Winter is even worse, since I am not only cold, but my back and hip, where I had surgery a couple years ago and what started all this, start to hurt and makes it hard to move some days much less walking several miles getting consistently colder.

I decided the solution to this all was to get a treadmill, now that I live in a place big enough to have one. I would still prefer to walk with someone outside, but I am hoping the treadmill really gives me less excuses to not walk. It is also closer to my music and TV, so I am able to do something that might distract me and see if I can make that a way to walk further more often. I did get the treadmill, and have been trying to figure out the best placement for it, and the best attitude to have towards it. From what I have found online, people seem to suggest putting it in a place that it is easy to get to, no excuses not to use it, without having it in the way of other things, and somewhere you will see it everyday. The house I live in was my grandparents house when I was growing up, and the furniture was always arranged in this one way, more or less, and I have kept it that way, more or less, since I moved in. It just seems like that is where the furniture goes, and it just feels odd changing certain things in this house. So I am having a bit of trouble deciding where to put the treadmill at the moment, but I think I have decided on a good location. If anyone has a suggestion on this, I am open to ideas.

My only real concern has been walking on it. I am just not use to it. A treadmill works by giving a consistent speed on a belt. If you ever pay attention to how you walk, you don’t really walk with a consistent speed in real life. You sort of walk faster and slower depending, but you throw that out the window with a treadmill and have to learn to walk at this speed for this long, and it just isn’t something I am use too. I also am not use to watching or listening to anything when walking. While I am told, and have read, about how you can get in the habit of watching a show or listening to an album or so on and so forth, and even get to the point of timing your workout based on that, and it can increase the level of your workout, it just isn’t something I have ever done, so I am not use to it yet. I am sure with time I will know what they are talking about.

All that said, I put the treadmill in my bedroom for the time being, moving it to its new home in the family room will take time with changing the arrangement of the family room. For now my bedroom will just have to work. I have only had it three days now, but I did use it once. The first day I used the best excuse I could think of to not use it, I was exhausted after dragging the 230lb box inside and setting the damn thing up. The second day I used it, and yesterday I was just being lazy. Now that I have a way to walk inside, I want to tell myself that I have less room for excuses, and force myself into a schedule. Day 1 I walked a 20 minute mile watching a show. I realized that it has been too long since I stopped walking since I was wearing down a little faster than I was hoping. The plan, starting today is to find a speed that I can keep up, and start watching an hour long show, which are actually about 40-45 minutes on Netflix, and go to the end of the show instead of watching the treadmill.

That really is all I can say about it right now, I am hoping this will help me have less excuses and keep things up. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on using a treadmill, I am all ears.

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Now I am about to make excuses that will seem unreasonable, but I am working past them, so shut it.

When I started the whole exercising thing, I lived close to a popular walking/running area for where I live. It is a lovely little lake with a 3.4 mile paved trail running around it. All sorts of people walking, running, biking, walking dogs, playing at the parks and so on all the time. I hated it. That sounds odd, but I hated it. The reason I hated it, is the same reason I hate going to local gyms and other places designed for working out. This is simple, I live in a city with a major university and well that makes this all suck. These places are always full of these students that don’t need to fucking be there. Okay, maybe people that work on keeping it early should be there and should be encouraged, blah blah blah blah blah. I am not saying that I don’t have any problem seeing college girls in great shape working out either, I am male, I think that comes with the hardware. The problem is I am not even seeing sex at this point. What I see are these 18-mid 20’s college students, girls and guys, with perfect fucking bodies, barely wearing enough cloth to cover the parts that move when they do, running at even pace. Then I notice them as they then lap me once or twice and notice that they are barely breaking a sweat, they haven’t seemed to slow down, and they smiling like this is fun.

Why would this be an issue, and why do I hate them to my core for it, well that is simple, as they pass me for the second or third time, I am thinking in my head that I just am hoping to survive the 4 miles this trail requires me to finish and be alive at the end, I am only half way, nearing the 2 mile mark, and my shirt looks like I took a dip in the lake along the way I am sweating so much, and I stopped feeling part of my legs already. I am in no way smiling, the joyful spirit that was happy that I was getting out and moving jumped ship about half a mile back when the guy in my head that started calculating the point of no return (the point on the trail where it is shorter to finish rather than to turn around) kicked in. It is about the point of no return when I first think about if I wore the right socks or tied my shoes right to not get blisters, and as I am having that thought, Mr perfect abs and his girlfriend Miss perfect curve run past me for the second time in the running clothes they made with string and a few doilies, and I don’t even want to tell them that, cause they are too young to know what doilies even are.

Well a few months ago I moved away from the lake that I use to walk at frequently. I miss it. Now I live in a neighborhood that is not really near any solid trails or measured areas to walk. Worst of all there are no pretty college students to start my walk out looking at and end it hating. There is just me and the occasional person working in their yard. Sidewalk where there are sidewalks, but the traffic is calm enough to not need them where there aren’t any. I long for just having some noise, but really that isn’t what I miss most. I miss the college students. When you walk alone, and can’t find someone to walk with you regularly, you don’t get a lot of encouragement. What I hated about those college students the most is when they lapped me they gave me a smile or a simple nod. I hated that these people where out there to begin with, and then that they looked at me, cause a lot of them just look at you with this grossed out face, but the ones that worked, the ones lapping me, they always looked and smiled and nodded. They may not have been doing it intentionally, but they were encouraging me by simply recognizing me. I may not be able to get around several time in an hour, but I am trying.

That is the biggest reason I am not out there right now. My kids don’t care if I go walking or if I lay on the couch in my office and watch netflix. They get fed and the laundry gets done both ways. I am single, so I am not getting an encouragement from a partner, and I don’t really have anyone going with me. So I stand at a stand still where I wan’t to start with a small goal and walk a mile a day and increase that to real exercise, but I just feel like I don’t care, and like no one else does, so why should I. I should because of all the reason I have to, but I don’t because if I do it, no one will pat me on the back for it. I know that is stupid, but it is true, and it is the truth making me lazier than ever. I do not know how to work past it, but I will need to in order to get anywhere. I can break my diet down to under 1000 calories a day, but if I don’t burn at least that, what good is it?

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It’s Been a Hard Couple Weeks for Exercise

Over the last couple weeks I have proven that I can easily put off working out and eating right. Not that I just don’t care about doing either, I actually feel really bad about not keeping up with them, but I just didn’t fight not doing them either. It seems that it is a lot easier for me to keep at it at home alone, but when it becomes an option around others, I just opt out.

It all really started with my parents 35th anniversary party. I looked at the table full of food that I wasn’t suppose to eat and thought to myself that this was a special occasion and I shouldn’t worry so much about it today. From there it was like I had a junk food high that I had to keep feeding for a couple of days. A time in which I couldn’t exercise either, due to restrictions from my doctor due to some added pain I was having. Then when I got to a point that I should have been back out there and eating right, I went on vacation with my family, and did nothing that I should have done. I just told myself I was on vacation, so I should enjoy myself, and that banana pie, it has bananas in it. I think sometimes it should just count if the fruit is in it.

It wasn’t a complete waste, I did go for a couple of walks, and was really excited to have tracked one of them on nike+ in a different state and city. I just didn’t walk nearly as much as I should have, or stay anywhere close to my diet plan. I also did quite a bit of walking in the heat, while sightseeing and shopping, which I know doesn’t completely count, but it is better than lying around, and I only did that the last couple days last week. I did gain a few pounds that I had lost, and was even scared this morning to even weigh in for this post. I know if I had I would have been too disappointed and it would discourage me to keep going. My current plan has me walking 2 miles a day for the next five days to make up the time and finish my walking goal which ends in 5 days. It was set for me to walk .8 miles/5 days a week, and I have fallen far enough behind that I have to do 2 a day to make it up in time. I am thinking of setting my new goal at 1.5 miles or 3k a day/5 days a week for the next 8 weeks, I really have to stick to it to get there though. I am really going to have to buckle down this week and get back on track, I’ve been lazy and need to make up for it.

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August 16

There really isn’t a lot to say about my stuff today. I pretty much didn’t do much yesterday. It was another day of not feeling well, so I didn’t get any real exercise in to report, but I also didn’t go over on my eating, mostly because I couldn’t eat much and I didn’t feel good. I did finally weigh myself this morning and am very glad to report that I didn’t gain any weight over my break, I didn’t lose any either, but I am glad that I didn’t gain. I am thinking of getting a new scale. The one I have, that you can see in all my weight posts, is one that I bought to just have one in the bathroom. It was the cheapest at Wal-Mart and wasn’t bought for its great accuracy. I think I should look into a digital one, or at least one that has a more exact and easy to read, read out.

What I did find on my break is that it is really easy for me to fall right back into the Pepper addiction. I wish I could find a better balance than not drinking what I want which is bad for me, or drinking only it. I guess I am just to easily pressed to extremes to make that easy. I know that if I do not find a healthy balance, that I am going to just have to eliminate soda completely for good, which I really don’t want to do but am willing to do for a diet on a shorter term, but I also can’t allow myself to work against a longer term goal of keeping the weight off. I will figure it all out.

I have been working on a few things though. At the top of the page there is a new link to “weights and measurements.” After all every book needs those at the back, don’t they? I actually got the idea when Pasha from sent me a message. I saw it on her site and thought that would be a great idea. It does make things easy. Even if I do not get up to writing something I can still check in my weigh-ins and monthly measurements. I put up some of my past weigh ins to get it started and a ticker from my myfitnesspal, but I am still working on how I want it to look, and it will likely change but still update everyday. After all, my blog here wasn’t started as a fitness blog and when I get past this more I will likely start posting more about other stuff again and it would just be odd to post my weight before talking about websites I like or talking about random thoughts I’ve had. I have also thought of some other ideas, not all fitness related, to add to my site here, but for now this will do fine.

Maybe in the next couple of days I will have more to report, and maybe a walk or two to put down. I am going to be going out-of-town on vacation next week, and I am excited to get some recorded walks away from my apartment in.

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Wednesday, August 8 – Weight

7th Stats

  • 1.38 km

Weigh In

  • 249 lbs

Well I didn’t stick to the juice, let’s get that out right away. I got hungry last night, got up and got something to eat, didn’t even think about it, just ate. That is one of those lifetime habits I am trying to break that is making this all really hard. I am not going to let that get me down though. I went to the store last night and bought all sorts of new juices that I want to try, and plan to continue to not eat today. I just need to learn to recognize and then work through the hunger rather than giving in to it. And like I said yesterday, this isn’t the hunger of starving and not allowing myself food, this is the hunger of having eaten what I need than depriving myself of any more than that. You should always allow yourself what your body needs, it’s the excess I am trying to train myself to not have. A juice diet is good for that, because you can quickly feel yourself fill up, but you will still feel hungry for the first couple days. Yesterday I gave in to that hunger, I just have to give it another go.

I won’t say I failed in my walking. I did make it to my 1 km a day minimum, but I really want to increase that to 2 km a day, and that I would have failed. Walking through back pains, toughing out the sore ankles and swelling calves, but none of that stopped me. What stopped me was my big toe, that’s right, my big toe. I had a small blister on it which didn’t seem like a big problem, then while walking I stepped on it just right that it broke and started to rip off. No second thoughts, no wondering, no thinking about it in any way, I just went straight home. I thought it hurt last night, but then I woke up this morning and found out I was wrong. I will be stopping by the store again today to see about better cushion for my shoes and something that will make my big toe stop hurting.

Really starting to wish I had someone doing this all with me. As much as I like typing these posts, I just wish I had someone to talk to and bounce off of. It makes it so much easier when you have someone who is supporting you, talking to you about it, working out with you and ready to kick your butt for not doing it. I don’t really have that with all of this. I have me, and I think it is making this harder than the quitting smoking because of that. With that I had a friend that quit with me and kept me excited and talking about not smoking and new hardware and flavors for the ecig that kept me from smoking. I just don’t have a friend that will come over and do the same thing when talking about the Simply Orange with Mango, which I love btw, and go on 5 km walks. This would also be solved by just having a girlfriend, but that hasn’t really worked out for me either.

I think I am just getting into a slump, a lot of disappointing moments and news, increased by the difficulty of what I am trying to do here, is all just coming together and making me wonder why I am even doing all of this. I am mindful enough to realize that I just need to work past this, but I don’t know how I will do that yet.

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Tuesday, August 7 – Weight

Aug 6th Stats

  • 5.51 km Walked
  • Pec Fly 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs
  • Curl 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs
  • Chest Press 1 set 10 reps at 10 lbs

Weigh In

  • 249 lbs

As you can tell, I got back out there yesterday. I would love to say it felt great to get back out and really walk, but it didn’t. It would be more truthfully stated that it hurt like hell, and I don’t ever want to do it again, but I will later today anyway. I think that walking around town is actually better for me than a treadmill, since I can’t just give up, I would still have to double back to get home. I also started introducing the weights in again. It felt fine, of course it felt fine last time, it was the next morning that hurt. I can say there seems to be no soreness. Right now I only have the 10 lb weights, but I will eventually buy work out stuff and be able to do more, or I might break down and go to a gym, I do have a free membership with my job, but have never been there. I just have never been a fan of the people who are at gyms. 10 lbs is enough for right now in free weight, but I will need to either buy a couple of steps up, or start going to the gym at some point, and from what I can tell, after you get past 10 lbs things start getting expensive.

When it comes to walking, I do not have a problem with how long it takes, I think I am just getting bored. I would love to have someone to talk to while walking. Maybe even if I could get someone to go with me. I have found people who will go for shorter walks with me, but for one reason or another either can’t or don’t want to go the full 3 miles I am trying to walk each day. I know that last week I was all worried about my procedure and was talking things out in my head and trying to figure some stuff out, and I ended up walking over 4 miles and didn’t even think much about it. That is a whole mile over what I am trying to do each day, and I usually have to constantly tell myself that it will just be a little farther to get past those. I think if I had someone doing this with me I just wouldn’t be so bored and it would make things a lot easier.

Today I start the first of my juice fasting. I have read a lot over the years about whether juice fasting is good for loosing weight, or if it is healthy or not, and I really don’t care. I do think those people who go on 100 day juice fasts need to get a life. Eat some solid food, it won’t kill you. I like to go on a juice fast a few weeks into a serious diet like this to help level me out and clean out my system, and it will do that. I am using it as my first step to changing my diet. A one week juice fast, then I will slowly add solid, healthier, foods into my diet.

For those of you that do not know what I am even talking about with juice fasting, I will explain. There are different theories on how to do this and what the best methods are, but I will give you the way I do this and how it works for me. Basically juice fasting is a liquid diet. I will be drinking water all day, then in place of breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will only be drinking juice. As I do it, I am allowed however much juice as I want during a meal, but I only drink water between meals. I drink a citrus fruit juice for breakfast, usually a vegetable juice for lunch, and vegetable juice with maybe some apple juice for dinner. At night I will allow myself a small glass of apple juice for a snack. You essentially are putting yourself on a vegetarian, all fruit and vegetable diet, but only in liquid form. I do not like making my own juice, I buy pre-mixed or concentrated juices, but if you can afford to, and don’t mind doing it, fresh juices are much better.

It is very important that you get both vegetable and fruit in your diet while doing this, as well as taking at least a daily vitamin. If your diet is drastically different, like mine has been, this can also be a real shock to your system, and because of that you need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. I already started this diet with my orange juice breakfast this morning, and I feel fine now, but if I start to feel weak later today, I might cut my walk back, or just take it easy while my body adjusts. If it gets worse and my body is telling me that, then I might break down and eat a powerbar or a bowl of cereal. It won’t matter how much you weigh if you die getting there. Just make sure, if you try any diet that is a drastic change like this to what you are used to, to look and make yourself aware of the difference between the shock to the change and your body shutting down. People that are already eating pretty healthy or even vegetarians, would find this a much easier change, and a good way to occasionally clean out their system.

I do have to go buy some more juice though. I started this then realized that I didn’t have a lot of juice in the house. I guess I have to go get some after work.

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Monday, August 6 – Weight


  • 251

The whole counting days thing was fun for a while, but as the days get higher numbers, I have to do some counting, and it just fell apart as something fun to do. So, we have moved on to dates, that should be fun.

I have some walking things to track but wasn’t sure where to insert them, the last few days have been horrid for me in figuring all that out. On Wednesday I walked just over 4 miles. I am still not sure why. I knew that I was going to have the back procedure on Thursday, so I went out for a walk at bedtime. I just wanted to get a quick walk in just incase I couldn’t walk for the whole weekend. I went for this around the neighborhood walk, but every time I got back to where I would stop at my place I just kept walking to the next neighborhood, until I had walked half a mile from my house and back in four directions. A total of 6.5km, and it felt great. I just felt like a walking and I kept on going. I think I would have gone further if I hadn’t noticed the time and realized that I had to be in bed early for the procedure in the morning. I wish every walk felt like that one, but normally I have to force myself into one forth of that. I did wonder if one of my bedtime meds might have helped in that. I had taken my meds, that I normally take at bedtime, when I decided to go on the walk real quick, but they have never made me want to stay active before.

The procedure went well. I had a discoscopy done. This is where they inject dye into your spinal disks to a specified pressure amount to see what happens, knowing the whole time that it causes a great amount of pain to the person they are doing it too. I might sound cynical about it, but that is just a simplified way of saying exactly what they do. It hurts, its uncomfortable, and they don’t even seem to try to sugar coat it. They know it is going to suck and tell you so up front and while walking you through what they are going to be doing. After this, I had to stay in bed for the rest of Thursday and Friday. I didn’t have to stay in bed Saturday, but I was sore enough by then that I wanted to. The results of the test was important though, it reconfirmed that I need surgery, just don’t know when that will be happening.

The worst part about all of this was the food, or should I say the best part about all of this was the food. If you want to break your diet, hurt yourself and have to rely on others to bring you food for a few days. Hamburgers and soda and buttery wonderful snack things. I would have loved be on that diet for a long time longer, but I think I would have gained more than a pound back if I had for more than the few days I was doing it. It was nice to have food at all though, and nice enough friends and family to bring me that food. When I have the surgery, it will be nice to eat, even if I have to break my diet for that time period. Eat what I can get.

Saturday evening I tried to walk, but I only got a mile before turning around because of lower back pain and how hot it was out. It has been really hot, and I wasn’t risking swelling on Saturday and being too far out. I will start my daily exercises today, and we will see what happens. Today, I start everything back and hopefully will get right back on track to loose that 50lbs I have left to loose.

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